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Dear single lady,
I’ll start off by telling you that you are beautiful just the way you are. Yes, just the way you are. You’ve been exceptionally woven like a well-crafted basket. You are royalty; the daughter of the King! Don’t let anyone tell you the opposite because you are indeed a master piece. 

My beautiful lady, the best gift you can give yourself is to fall in love with yourself. And when you think you have loved yourself so much, fall in love with yourself all over again. Make a meal for yourself and set a table for one. Buy yourself a treat for your birthday. Love you, because you deserve it.
I know society puts pressure on you to get married. Don’t allow them push you into a pit. Marriage is a beautiful thing but don’t get into it out of pressure. If you rush in, you are likely to rush out. Therefore take your time and pick your mate. Apart from the decision to follow Jesus, your choice of a life partner is next biggest decision you will ever make so don’t rush it.
Avoid dating that man who has a lot of baggage because you think time is running out. There is no expiry date stamped on you so don’t settle for less. Marry a man who loves God. Don’t date in the stables when you were made for the castle.
Your mates may have all gotten married and had kids yet it is important for you to take your time. Don’t try to compete because comparison kills joy. Avoid temporal and quick fixes like one-night stands and pre-marital sex. That will only leave you empty because you are looking for something far more deep and profound than that.
Dear single lady, in these days of ‘aloneness’, spend time to find yourself. Know your Creator and commune with Him. Know who you are and be confident with who you are.
Learn the skill of being happy and don’t let anything put you down. If you wallow in depression, your potential mate might not want you. If you keep spewing negativity, your company might not be appealing. Learn to be content and let that radiate all over you.
It is okay to desire marriage. It is okay to desire companionship and a family of your own. What is wrong is being desperate about it or trying to negate it. Don’t go into public spheres and make ridiculous statements like, “what is marriage sef?”
It’s okay to be vulnerable because vulnerability is powerful. It is okay to feel sad sometimes. It is okay to cry. Sometimes you will be strong, sometimes you will be weak. But always make sure you wipe your tears and rise again stronger than ever.
Be the kind of woman that men love to chase…. and let the men chase you. Be approachable but not flirtatious. Know that there are men and there are boys. Forget garri boys. Forget the ex that got married. You are better than that.
You are worthy. You are valued. You are the daughter of a king. Always remember that.

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  1. Hi Tiffany, there are some things we just don't have that much control over. You can prepare all you can but you can't always tell when the right person will come along. So it is helpful to make the most out of your waiting period and shun societal pressure. Waiting is hard if all you do is wait. I pray the right man finds you in due time.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, dear.

  2. Thank you for this open letter to us Single Ladies. It is much appreciated to get that encouragement because what we go through is real. It's like I want to be married and it hurts when people inadvertently cause me to feel bad because I am single. I get asked SO much why I am single and if I want to have kids. It gets frustrating at times because I do want those things, but I have no control over it. Anyway, thanks for your encouragement.

  3. True. Finding joy in singleness is the best you can do for yourself.

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  4. Garri boi na boi wey still dey up up.

    I'm glad this encouraged you, sis. Thanks for taking time to comment.

  5. Weri be garri boi Pre?
    Powerful read I love this line ***Avoid dating that man who has a lot of baggage because you think time is running out. There is no expiry date stamped on you so don't settle for less. Marry a man who loves God. Don't date in the stables when you were made for the castle.***
    Thanks for a timely and encouraging read.

  6. There's nothing like finding and loving yourself. Thanks for dropping a comment, Shasha!