Hello lovelies, I really wanted to put up a Mother’s Day post earlier than now but the demands of motherhood kept tugging me. Now that I have a few minutes (with girl number 1 leaning on me and intruding into my bowl of salad), let’s talk. From the day I became a mother till now, many things have changed about me. Some are expected while some are totally unexpected. Some make me want to cry while others make me laugh. Motherhood is quite an interesting journey. Here are some of the things that are different about me now:

1. My tummy

I think this is body part that reminds me about mommyhood more than any other. It went from being smooth and flat to being twisted, flabby and round. Each time I take a shower, I look down on my tummy and wish it could revert to its original state.

2. My sleeping habits

I always wondered how people could sit on a couch in the living room and sleep. After having my third baby, I found myself sleeping uncontrollably on the couch while sitting. I even sleep and dream. A full-night uninterrupted sleep is a rare luxury. A lot of days and nights seem like one day to me because I somehow live continuously. I hope my baby girl gets to sleeping through the night really fast. Any tips on how I could achieve this? She’s a year old in case you’re wondering.

3. My memory

The other day I held the hand of another woman’s child at school, thinking it was the hand of girl number 2. Let me speak to myself: “Precious I’m totally shocked by this!” I also have so much running in my head that I go to a part of the house and totally forget why I got there. This wasn’t me before.

4. My goals

When I came to the America, my goal wasn’t to be a stay-at-home mommy. It’s been two years and all I do is change diapers, cook food and tell stories. But you know what? I’m totally enjoying telling these stories on my blog
I ended with my goals because that is the biggest thing that motherhood changed about me. It didn’t stop me from dreaming. However, it has made me see new opportunities to channel my dreams and for that, I am totally grateful! Someone said let your kids be a reason and not an excuse. I totally agree.
In all, the joys of motherhood far surpasses the ‘perils’. It’s an opportunity to love, and to get loved back. It’s an opportunity to raise humans and instill the right values in them right from when they take their first breath. This job comes with fantastic benefits!
Happy mother’s day to you, you and YOU. Thank you so much for always reading! What has motherhood changed about you? Let’s talk.



  1. Hmmm that tummy matter! so true:-)

  2. I know right. It's there to remind us.

  3. Anonymous

    I second the tummy matter! Lol. Afterthreekids am wondering wether I wii ever be the same again.
    My daughter number one has the same sleep problem.wakes up several times in the night crying.I get tired of moving back and forth in the middle of the night trying to calm her down.I opted for co-sleeping as a temporary solution.she sleeps in thesame bed with her brother.I try to make sure she has a full day of playing and other activities plus school to get her really tired.she's 3

  4. Thanks Anon! We are in this tummy thing together.
    For some reason my girl just doesn't like to sleep.
    We shall overcome.

  5. Let children be the reason not an excuse, that is the best sentence I have read in years. Thank you. Another change that comes with motherhood is fear, fear that u never had.

  6. That fear is so real. Sometimes we fear what may happen to our kids. We can only do so much because unless the Lord watches over them we watch over them in vain. How are you dearie? Happy belated mother's day.

  7. I've read over and over and am still … struggling to come up with what fatherhood has changed for me.

  8. I totally agree with all those changes, At first I thought i was loosing my memory or something, too many things on my mind that i forget some. Talking about going to one part of the house and cant remember what you came there for, the last time I experienced that was yesterday and I know its not anywhere near being the last time

  9. Hahaha think well.

  10. Hahahaha I know right. Sometimes I look at myself and I'm like, "na me this???" Lol!

  11. Hahahahaah @ forgetfulnes. I hear that's common. I can sleep anywhere. SO I'm sure motherhood won't change that about me. Glad that you havn't let you change in goals deter you. Well done!! xx
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  12. Patty Etamo

    You are very right my dear. That memory one makes me feel like crying at times. Hubby had difficulties facing it, but thank God he finally understood and accepted it and started helping me out without getting mad.

  13. Patty, the memory ish can be so frustrating. Thank God the hubby now understands.

  14. Hahahaha Kachee, you can sleep anywhere??? You are a case!
    Thanks for stopping by, hun.

  15. Hahahaha,I thought I was the only with a memory problem.Hubby always says he can only imagine how bad it might become as I grow older.

  16. Lol Father help our memory.

  17. Beautiful girls you got there dear.

  18. Oh dear! The memory part. Mehhhn, it's terrible for me. I used to be soooo good with numbers, now I can't store phone numbers in my head. I don't even bother to try. Love to your cuties. More grace.

  19. I didn't ever imagine that motherhood could take a toll on one's memory. Who knew?!

  20. Philomina Tambe

    Let your children be the reason and not an excuse…….super statement that I have lernt. I so had my aspirations before childbirth but after having just one child, I virtually have to put her ahead of every plan of mine…….joyful change in priorities

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