I want to sincerely thank everyone who reads this blog!

Thank you for reading and dropping comments.

Thank you for all the encouraging messages you send to my inbox.

Thank you for all the pictures you send to me of recipes you made.

Thank you for sharing my blog links with your friends.

Thank you for watching my YouTube videos and giving me feedback. Thank you so much!

I am a very rich person not because I have money but because I have you. I have you, my readers. I can pour my life out to you and feel fulfilled. It is just a priceless experience. AND thank God, the King of kings and Lord of lords who led me to start a blog. He is the creator of the universe yet He is my friend. He guides me every day. He keeps showing me why He asked me to begin a blog. Without Him, this blog will be nothing. It is all about Him. My heart is filled with gratitude.

Friends, if you do not live in the United States it might interest you to know that there’s something celebrated here every November called, “Thanksgiving”. It is a time to give thanks. The one for this year happened last Thursday and I cooked to save the day.


Apart from the Challah bread you see above, I had this table with

We enjoyed an intimate dinner with family.

By the way, my Challah bread recipe is up on Bella Naija so you can visit this link to see how I make it. I added sesame seeds on top of the one you see here. This bread has raked in so many likes on Instagram and that makes me very happy.

My happy place

On Saturday, a new video got uploaded on my YouTube Channel. It is all about how to make the perfect puff puff! I will publish a detailed post on the dynamics of making puff puff tomorrow. Because puff puff is serious business. Amiright?

Church was so lit yesterday! We were taught that we need coaches in our life. People with experience and credibility who will tell us the truth without sugar-coating it yet tell it respectfully. We need people that will lead us into fulfilling God’s plan for our lives. The Biblical example we looked at was that of Moses aka Mo (see Exodus 18). His father-in-law Jethro gave him good advice. May we find the right coaches in our lives!

And finally friends, thank you so much for all the love and comments on my contri geh post. You all inspire my pen to keep speaking.

Have the sweetest of weeks! May the rest of the year bring you more blessings than you can imagine. Feel free to share the things you are thankful for below.

I love you!



  1. Awww. . . See that picture! You look so fitted you are in the kitchen, Precious. There is nothing as beautiful as being in your own “place” – somewhere designed for you to be your authentic self and express your true self. For this, I thankful for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving! 

  2. Forgive my typos. Disqus has spoilt me, because it allows me to edit my comment even after posting them. As least you understand what I was saying. Lol

    *when *am

  3. Precious! Precious!! Precious!!! How many times did I call you? Hun! I don’t know when in the Gregorian calendar or when God will afford me the privilege to visit the United State but I know if Jesus tarry, I will someday. Consider this post as official notification that I will visit your kitchen; invited or not, am going to invite myself even if it is for 5 minutes (but where in the USA self do I know you live?). But to say the truth, the things you are doing to me this days, only God can reward you. Thank you! Jeeezzzzz.

  4. All this food. I wish they could come to life whenever I visit your blog. I mean look at that turkey!!!!! Your family is very lucky/blessed to have you.

    Tega Enai Blog
    Fashion | Lifestyle | Everything In Between

  5. Wow this is food carnival. Happy thanksgiving dearie, may your pot continue to sizzle. love you loads..

  6. That turkey looks so good and delish dear
    Thank you for your wonderful and educative blog posts
    I have become an addict ever since I found your blog

    Happy Thanksgiving and keep blogging!
    N’Graffi Blog

  7. Olaitan Bobade

    Wow. I had to read this while I’m hungry. The table looks really yummy! Ah, lemme just come to the US. I’d pay you a visit! And puff puff is everything! Going to get some now.

  8. i tried ur puff puff recipe n it was a bomb , tnx so much .
    what if i need to make a large pan like 15 cups, how do i go about it without it being hard inside like most puff puff .
    my family loved it spongy n airy inside n crutchy outside without it being burnt. .

    • So glad to hear that, Glad!
      For 15 cups of flour you will need:
      – 5 sachets of yeast (or 11 1/4 teaspoons)
      -10 cups of warm water
      -2 1/2 cups sugar
      -5 teaspoons salt

      Hope you enjoy!

  9. Awwwh…. *wipes tears* thank you too for putting up very great posts without which we won’t be coming back. Your recipes are out of this world and those pictures there? Very inspiring! You’re simply exceptional. One thing I love about your blog, very personal and you have your own voice. I gladly bookmarked you and will comeback again and again. All da best girl, but pls gimme small puff puff. Lol

  10. I agree with Jessica. Finito.

  11. Awww, we love you too Precious! Haha. You’re amazing like that. And thank you for being you. I can see how much passion you pour into your cooking and I pray your home is sprinkled with joy and your kitchen is filled with wonderful goodies that never run dry. Amen!

    You know what I was just thinking? I wish they could make a clone of you, duplicate you somewhat so that I’ll just be eating all these your delicious recipes. Hehe. I’m serious o.
    Much love dear. xo!

  12. I’m thankful for all the inspiration I find on your blog and all the amazing recipes you share.
    Everything on the pictures looks so tasty 😛
    Have a great rest of the week Precious 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

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