Hello, lovely readers. Thanks for always visiting my little corner, my blog. I really appreciate you from the buttocks bottom of my heart. Last week was Christmas as we all know. So we went around and took pictures of the beautiful (and expensive) lights people put up in this season. I also got a new addition to my kitchen- a 3-in-one blender, processor and dough mixer, thanks to Mr. N. The cooking ministry is definitely moving forward. I did a lot of bread baking. Let’s start with the pictures of what I baked. You know say I like chop.

Braided Challah dough, egg-washed and ready to get into the oven. I’m still “collecting myself” to put together a recipe for this Jewish bread. It’s a master piece.

Baked Challah Bread and Nutella Bread

Milk Bread known in French as Pain au Lait

Loaf Bread. I’ll soon be doing a recipe for Kumba/Agege Bread

My new kitchen system. Thank you, Mr. N. *hot kisses*

My family and I went to the Mall of America on the day after Christmas. See photos below:

We ate at our favourite Italian restaurant at the mall. I had a Lasagna for the first time plus many other delicious things. I would have taken pictures of the food but as I saw the food, my body was shaking and saliva was almost dripping so I dived right in. #notimetowaste

Here are the Christmas lights and decorations people spent lots of money, time  and energy to put up:

This person must have spent quite some dollars on this. What a passion!

We all took some pics by the lights…

My cuties are so in love with each other. Here they are all cuddled up in their pyjamas-

I watched the movie War Room today. You really should watch it if you haven’t done so already. Everyone needs a war room and a battle strategy. I am more than inspired to pray and fight EVERY battle on my knees.

Hope you enjoyed going through my pictures. Do have a blessed week!

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  1. Wow! of course I enjoyed going through all the pictures and I am so happy for you my beautiful friend, am glad you enjoyed your day too!

    Stayed bless!

  2. Thanks dear! You always got my back.

  3. Lovely

  4. And Mr N makes an apperance in pictures. Beautiful family moments and oh happy is the couple that appreciates each other.

  5. I tell you… the appearance of Mr N. Thanks for stopping by, dear.

  6. U live in Minnesota ?

  7. Aww beautiful pics of a beautiful family. You inspire me in many more ways than just cooking and I love you for that.

  8. Thanks dearie! Your words warm my heart.

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