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Let me just start by saying here that I am deeply ‘addicted’ to playing tennis. I played it the second time in three weeks yesterday. What kind of ‘addiction’ is that???

So I went for my niece’s barbeque where I made the gateau you see above. If you follow me on Facebook, you must have already seen pics of this. These little balls were well enjoyed by the audience which was a mixture of people from Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc. They simply have a universal appeal. Find out how to make them HERE.
I also made Puff Puff but the Ajebutter version. So instead of using water to proof the yeast, I used whole milk. They were thicker than regular Puff Puff and tasted divine!
Then I made some Fish Pie. Instead of the regular half-circle shapes, I cut the flattened dough in rectangles and squares just for a little change. I also used Tilapia fish fillets for the filling. This was my first time using that; I always go with sardines or mackerel. Yum!
Within the week, we had family friends over from Oklahoma and a couple of other visits. More visits = more cooking. I’ll be cooking more this week, musing more and sharing some awesome recipes and tips. Don’t forget to check back.
Love ya!

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