4:00 AM- I consider my phone alarm the worse enemy of my life. I punch it angrily to stop it from disturbing my sleep.

9: 00 AM- I wake up reluctantly, when I see that my kids won’t rest until they see me awake. You can’t blame me, I slept at 2:30 am!

9: 10 AM: Prayers, breakfast, cleaning and making beds.

10 -11 AM: Doing dishes, cleaning and preparing for the day’s homeschooling.

11AM – 1 PM: Homeschooling: Bible story, book reading, writing practice, arts and craft and popsicle making. The girls had snacks at this time too.

1 PM: Out of home to the grocery store for some light shopping.

2 PM: “Lunch”, which is basically anything I can find around to stuff their tummies. Ha!

3 PM: What was I even doing at this time? Ooh I crashed into the couch for some sleep while they played around me.

For the rest of the day, I checked social media, cooked a macaroni dinner (I’ll share the recipe!), washed the girls, washed dishes (again!). put the girls in bed (thank God!) and sat down to blog.

Now it’s almost midnight and I just want to click publish before it is Tuesday. Ha!



  1. The mummy life mehn!I can't remember when last I slept in the day.I can only blog midnight because that's when I'm so less busy even when sleep is slapping the hell out of my life.I need to even do an update post on what's been going on.

  2. Oh my! It's not easy at all. I mostly blog at night too because that's when I have less distraction.

  3. Ah!Presh,you've got things figured out. In my world,I've still not figured out a decent routine. One trick and rule I follow though is to always do dishes at night and not leave them overnight no matter how exhausted I am. That way I wake up chore free (sorry,I mean nearly chore-free) in the morning. It takes away a lot of morning chore anxiety,basically.

  4. You are flattering me oo. I don't think I have things figured out yet. I try to do dishes and keep the kitchen clean every night but some nights eh, I just want to do nothing else but sleep. Lol

  5. Can only say more manyanga to you all mummies. Yi no easy oh.

  6. In the past 4 days, I've napped 3 out of those 4 days in the afternoon. It's so weird! I don't know why I'm so tired :p

    Berry Dakara Blog

  7. Thanks for the manyanga!

  8. Hi Berry, I guess some seasons are like that. These days, once it's around 4 pm, I feel terribly sleepy.

  9. Hahaha@stuff their tummies.Wow, your mummy routine looks so organised and cool. You look like you just breeze through the day. I believe you've learned how to obtain strength from God to go through your day effortlessly. You rock dear! xo!

  10. You are having fun, seriously.

  11. Organised and cool? I feel truly flattered. Thanks!
    Honestly, it's only by leaning on God daily that I make it. Thanks, dear!

  12. For real, Amaka? Thanksss!

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