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4:00 AM- I consider my phone alarm the worse enemy of my life. I punch it angrily to stop it from disturbing my sleep.

9: 00 AM- I wake up reluctantly, when I see that my kids won’t rest until they see me awake. You can’t blame me, I slept at 2:30 am!

9: 10 AM: Prayers, breakfast, cleaning and making beds.

10 -11 AM: Doing dishes, cleaning and preparing for the day’s homeschooling.

11AM – 1 PM: Homeschooling: Bible story, book reading, writing practice, arts and craft and popsicle making. The girls had snacks at this time too.

1 PM: Out of home to the grocery store for some light shopping.

2 PM: “Lunch”, which is basically anything I can find around to stuff their tummies. Ha!

3 PM: What was I even doing at this time? Ooh I crashed into the couch for some sleep while they played around me.

For the rest of the day, I checked social media, cooked a macaroni dinner (I’ll share the recipe!), washed the girls, washed dishes (again!). put the girls in bed (thank God!) and sat down to blog.

Now it’s almost midnight and I just want to click publish before it is Tuesday. Ha!

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  1. Organised and cool? I feel truly flattered. Thanks!
    Honestly, it's only by leaning on God daily that I make it. Thanks, dear!

  2. Hahaha@stuff their tummies.Wow, your mummy routine looks so organised and cool. You look like you just breeze through the day. I believe you've learned how to obtain strength from God to go through your day effortlessly. You rock dear! xo!