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cheap backyard grill
My lovelies, we got the grill. Hehehehe! I only get this happy when I get a new kitchen accessory Why do I love to cook so much??? I told you guys last week that my little grilling experience made me want to own a grill so bad. My boyfriend Mr. N and I checked out some grills over the weekend.

We settled for the little cute one you see above. It is a charcoal grill which works absolutely perfect for me because I’m all about the smoky flavour. I’m really not about gas grills. When I see charcoal burning and smoke going up in the sky, I begin to feel like the real contri geh that I am.
What do you do when you get  grill? You grill! Ha.
This is not the picture I intended to use as a starter for sharing the grilling experience with you. It somehow just got here. Don’t be misled by my facial expression. I actually enjoy the smoke and the aroma.
I got chicken wings and thighs which I marinated overnight in a blend of garlic, ginger, onions, celery, cilantro, salt and chicken seasoning. I also threw in a little steak I had. All the meaty things spent the night in the refrigerator then we grilled today.
Husband of life
I live for Jesus and things like these.
Oh man!
I made my own soya spice.
This is the little steak I threw in. Here is the way we like our meat: thoroughly cooked and brown in the middle. Not those ones which are pink in the middle and dripping blood. Ha!
cameroon steak soya
In other news,we learnt in church about having a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Are you struggling with a decision? The Holy Spirit is there to guide you. When I go through a day trying to lean on my wisdom, I struggle A LOT. When I lean in and let God take control, I have a smooth ride. It’s all about Him. 
Have a fruitful week, people!
When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.” John 16:13

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  1. That grill looks great!! Well done and yes to well done steak. No medium rare here. Lol.
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  2. Now I want a grill! Oh Lord be a grill-provider! Congrats on your new buy, healthy meals all the way. Bola