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Homemade yogurt that is incredibly easy to make. No need to boil the milk beforehand. No special equipment needed! It is the way I have been making yogurt for years.

You guys, I am sharing my homemade yogurt video today. My easy homemade yogurt recipe has been on the blog for a while now but for some reason, I never got around to making a video. But I put the devil to shame and my homemade yogurt video is here!!

This homemade yogurt is creamy, milky, tangy, so good! We love enjoying it with granola and fruits for breakfast. Here’s a picture I shared a while back on Instagram showing our favorite yogurt breakfast:

Homemade yogurt parfait bowls

How To Make Homemade Yogurt

Homemade yogurt (at least the way I make it) is quite easy. You just need to follow a few easy steps:

Step 1

Mix whole dried milk with warm water.

Step 2

Add yogurt with live and active cultures to the milk and mix well.

The yogurt you use needs to have one or more of the following bacteria:
  •  Streptococcus thermophilus or S. Thermophilus
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus or L. Bulgaricus
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus or L. Acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus casei or L. Casei

Step 3

Add water to the yogurt-milk mixture and stir well.

Step 4

Cover the yogurt mixture and keep in a warm place to set for at least 8 hours. You could keep it in a warm room if you are able too. Also, keep yogurt mixture in a plastic container with tight-fitting lead to ensure it stays warm. Cover with a blanket to be assured it remains warm and set.

Step 5

Add honey/sugar to yogurt if you wish, mix and keep in a refrigerator. Also, you could flavor your yogurt with some vanilla extract, or any flavors you like. Serve with fruits and granola for breakfast, enjoy as a snack, use in smoothies or use in any way you like.

Homemade Yogurt Tips


1. Your water must be warm for the yogurt to set. It should be neither hot nor cold. It should be just slightly warm to the touch. If you want to use a thermometer to measure it, it should be 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Your yogurt mixture must remain warm for it to set. To ensure it remains warm, place the mixture in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid (I used a plastic bowl for this). Also, cover the container with a thick blanket and keep in a warm place.

3. The yogurt you use as a starter must contain live and active cultures. Check the ingredients label of the yogurt container to ensure that it contains live and active cultures. Without these cultures, your yogurt won’t set.

4. If your yogurt doesn’t set after 8 hours, cover it and let it stay for a few more hours. Sometimes it might take several hours for the yogurt to set.

5 Keep aside a cup of homemade yogurt so you can use it as a starter for the next batch of yogurt you make.


Watch How To Make Homemade Yogurt:

Perfect Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt (Video)

5 from 3 votes
Homemade yogurt that is incredibly easy to make. No need to boil the milk beforehand. No special equipment needed! It is the way I have been making yogurt for years.
Prep: 10 minutes
Total: 10 minutes
Servings: 6 servings


  • 2 cups whole dried milk
  • 1 cup yogurt with live and active cultures
  • 5 cups warm water (see Note 1)


  • In a plastic bowl, mix milk and a quarter cup of warm water to be smooth. Add yogurt and whisk together until smooth. Add the rest of the water and mix well. 
  • Cover the bowl, place in a warm place and wrap with a blanket. Let it stay in a warm place for about 8 hours until the yogurt sets. Avoid opening the bowl to check during these 8 hours. After that, your yogurt should be thick and ready to eat. 
  • Refrigerate and serve as needed. I love sweetening it with honey and vanilla extract then serving with fruits and granola for breakfast. So good!


1. Your water should be 115 degrees Fahrenheit if you choose to use a thermometer. However, I never use a thermometer for the water. I just dip a finger in it and ensure that it is just slightly warm to the touch.
2. For lighter drinkable yogurt, use 2 cups more water in this recipe.


Calories: 237kcal | Carbohydrates: 18g | Protein: 13g | Fat: 13g | Saturated Fat: 8g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.3g | Monounsaturated Fat: 4g | Cholesterol: 47mg | Sodium: 187mg | Potassium: 631mg | Sugar: 18g | Vitamin A: 439IU | Vitamin C: 4mg | Calcium: 444mg | Iron: 0.2mg

Additional Info

Course: Snack
Cuisine: International
Calories: 237
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