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Sweet little girls for me to care. Each of them remind me of love. I love looking at their pretty faces, seeing them smile and watching them play with each other.

There is nothing like some mother-daughter love.

“I’m never leaving you!” says one.

“You’re the best mom” says another.

I love looking into their eyes. I love hearing the “I’m sorry mom” when they do something wrong.

I love our little silly jokes and the times we run around playing. They make me act like a kid sometimes.

I love hearing their stories. I love seeing them marvel as they discover the world.

I love teaching them about this and that. And I love the time we spend together in the kitchen cooking the things we love.

Sometimes it’s hard being their mama. Sometimes I want to run away from the heavy responsibilities that come with being mama.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with appointments for this one and that one. And meeting the needs of this this one and that one. And listening to this one and that one.

But someway somehow the things that need to be done get done. Because with God’s help we can.

I don’t want to miss these days. I don’t want to miss their smiles and their cute little faces when they frown. I don’t want to miss times chasing each other. I don’t want to miss beautiful moments of bonding.

And when these girls are grown, I want to look back and be thankful for these days. These are the days.

Have a great week, friends. Hope you continue to find all sorts of beautiful no matter the uglies life throws at you.

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  1. Being a mum is an amazing gift.And posts like yours only encouarge us during the trying morments of motherhood.Thank you Precious.

    1. Hi Precious, you have a beautiful family and I love your recipes. I am from an island bear Australia but I love Cameroonian and Nigerian food. I’m making achu today, will let you know how it goes!

  2. Dear Precious,
    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your homepage!! I can’t do without your delicious recipes, detailed instructions and ingredient lists and your “food wisdom” anymore 🙂
    I am Austrian, thus clueless when it comes to Cameroonian meals.
    But as my Cameroonian husband and I live in Austria, I want to be able to offer him the taste of home just like a Cameroonian wife would do 🙂
    And I couldn’t do this without your awesome recipes, videos and instructions.
    Now I even make better Achu Soup than he does 😀
    Thanks a million!!!
    Best, Melly

    1. Hi Melly, you go girl! Glad to hear of your Achu soup testimony. Your comment really warmed my heart. Thank you.

  3. You are wonderful and a ”ROLE MODEL”
    may your FAMILY shine more and more dear PATIENCE.
    You are a BLESSING to many offcource i count myself one

  4. I appreciate the manner in which you explain your recipes. I remember i once followed your peanut recipe, guest what! i perfectly made it out. I was so excited for every body who had a taste of it realy appreciated which meant alot to me you know.
    I use to read many of the comments made to your various recipes and i have realised you have been and are still of so much help to many, i for one. You explaine soo well i realy appreciate your efforts please keep on.
    May you and your beautiful family continue to SHINE more and more and may your DREAMS also come true.

  5. Saw your website today and I am already in love with it. Just learnt how to make some healthy juice and Cameroonian coconut rice.