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mango coconut sorbet
When the month began I told you guys I was going to show you how to do some healthy cold treats. Let me just say it: healthy cold treats are simply the best. There’s nothing like licking some cold sweet goodness guilt-free. Can I get an amen?
Mr. N came home the other day with ten huge succulent mangoes. Let’s just say I fell in love with him again because to me, romance is your man coming home with things that can fit into your mouth. Hope I’m not alone in this? He has been coming back home with things like corn and groundnuts and I find that really hot.

The girls and I showered the mangoes with lots of love and attention. Translation; we ate them. Then like a lightning bolt, it struck me that the leftover mangoes with coconut milk as a cold treat would be wonderful. And yes my friends, it is wonderful. Coconut did it again! This “technical ice cream” is so fresh and sweet that you will forget for a moment that it is not sinful at all. Deliciously healthy!

mango sorbet

Known in culinary language as a sorbet, this is the kind of thing that puts you under the illusion that you are at a beach somewhere in the tropics. The blend of mango and coconut yields an exotic fruity savour that is pampering to the taste buds. I made mine without an ice cream maker but if you have an ice cream maker, by all means,use it to get a very creamy texture.

Here are the three weird ingredients you’ll need:

I can of coconut milk, 3 very ripe mangoes and half a cup of honey. But you’ll be actually using two and a half of the mangoes because this is what will happen:

Thou shalt cut half of one mango and create dices within.

Thou shalt use a spoon and scoop out some of that goodness and feed thyself.

Now let’s put the remaining two and a half mangoes to use. Peel the mangoes and dump into a blender together with the coconut milk and honey. You can totally omit the honey if you do not care for sweetness.

Blend everything to be smooth.

Place into a loaf pan or freezer-safe bowl and freeze for 6-8 hours or overnight.

If you have an ice cream maker, use it to churn. If you don’t have one but you want your mixture to be less grainy, be sure to remove from the freezer and whisk once an hour until it freezes completely.

Also note that when you take it out of the freezer to eat, it will be very hard so it helps to let it sit for about five minutes before scooping out.

Don’t forget to eat that half of a mango for a start. It is really important.

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Mango Coconut Sorbet
by August-30-2016
This is a really easy three-ingredient tropical sorbet. So good!
  • 2-3 very ripe mangoes
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup honey (optional)
1. Peel mangoes,(don’t forget our little obligation to one half) cut around the pit, cut into chunks and put in a blender.2. Add coconut milk and honey and blend everything to be smooth.3. Put into ice cream maker and churn or put into a freezer-safe bowl and freeze for about 6-8 hours or overnight.Notes. If not using an ice cream maker, be sure to remove the mixture from the freezer and whisk once every hour until completely frozen.

When you take it out of the freezer to eat, it will be very hard so it helps to let it sit for about five minutes before scooping out. Enjoy!


Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 6 servings

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  1. I don’t know where to get coconut milk. Can i blend and extract from coconut? Hoping it’s d same thing

    1. Yes Mamiboy, you can do that. Just make sure you do not add too much water so your coconut milk is thick enough.