You guys, the best Christmas gift we could ever ask for is here! My fourth baby girl! Her name is Essie. We are so in love with her!

With a new baby on board, I sadly can’t publish new recipes as often as before right now. You’ll continue to get about 1 post a week from me, though. I won’t be sharing new YouTube videos for now. But I will continue to be active on my Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to scroll through the archives of this blog for lots of recipe ideas and a whole lot of lifestyle posts.

In February, I shall return with more posts per week and new recipe videos on my YouTube channel!

For now, I’ll be snuggling with my new baby all I can. New baby smell is the best!

Thank you all for your well-wishes on my social media pages and on my YouTube channel. You can watch the video I posted of baby Essie and I below.

Here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!pre-signature-pro


  1. Your new baby is precious beautiful child. And thank you for your videos a million little ways to cook. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Welcome to our cutie little Pie. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family.

  3. Isabelle Ebongue Hylton

    Congratulations Sis! To you and your family..She is adorable..Enjoy your time off and see you next year. Have a blessed holiday season..

  4. Congratulations on your new baby Essie. God is great

  5. Paulette Donnatien

    I am so happy for you and your family. May God bless you all. Peace be with you, and a very Merry Christmas.

    Paulette Donnatien

  6. Congrats on the beautiful bundle of joy.

  7. Congratulations Precious, Essie is perfect and I’m in love with that bow too. All the best and don’t be afraid to ask for help! ❤️

  8. Congratulations on the birth of Essie The Lord is Good and Faithful.God bless you and your family this Christmas time

  9. Merry Christmas adorable Essie, I am so pleased to meet you.
    My Dear Friend, congratulations…I am happy for you. God will continue to showers His Blessings upon you and your family in Jesus name, Amen.
    It been pretty long Precious…

  10. Awwww…. welcome baby Essie 😍😍 God bless you princess and your home Precious. Congrats and thank God for a safe delivery. Merry Christmas and a blessed 2019.

  11. Congratulations on the cutie pie. Welcome baby Essie and a happy new year

  12. Congrats on your beautiful baby, Essie. What a blessing!

  13. She’s beautiful. Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations on Essie’s birth! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 🙂


  15. Congratulations precious,had my girl too on the 18th December. But now I am bothered about what to eat so as not to make my baby have a watery poo,I have been very confused,mum insist I take herbal pepper soup only ND tea,what about u.congratulations teem December.

  16. Congratulations on your new little one – – she is adorable! Between your other three daughters and dad, you will hopefully be able to get plenty of rest and enjoy the holidays. While we’re on the topic, have you considered doing a series of tips on getting back into shape after giving birth? I know that women in Africa do things a little different than in America and with the issues going on with new black mothers not receiving proper care it would really be something interesting to listen to tips on herbs, recipes and body care from the motherland (that sounds corny I know but it’s all I could think to say). Anyway, it’s just an idea…..Happy New Year!!

  17. Congratulations Precious. Welcome Essie, God bless you.

  18. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. The sisters must be thrilled. God bless!!

  19. Awwww! Congrats Precious and welcome to our new cutie pie! Happy new year to you and your family. Bisouss!!

  20. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl.

  21. Wow! Congrats, mama! 4th baby! You’re an inspiration 🙂

    Wishing you and your family all the best. Enjoy the cuddles!

  22. She’s beautiful!!!!

  23. TIm Risser Nain AKA NINI Nain

    congratulations Mummy P. youve given birth just like my mum. Four Beautiful Girls….. so Lovely. God bless you as you care and bring up these lovelies

  24. Congratulations Pre. She is so adorable and cute. May God continue to bless your family with more riches and heavenly blessings, you have been a blessing to us in the food world. had learned so much on different ways of cooking all thanks to your blogs.

  25. Happy new year Precious, and big congrats on the new additional blessing (Essie) to your family! Wishing you and yours a fulfilling and prosperous year ahead.

  26. Félicitations pour le nouveau bébé elle est vraiment adorable

  27. OMG Precious!!!! It’s been a while! You know, I thought I saw something from the corner of my eye while flying by on Youtube looking for a video for my daughter. I made a mental note to come and check later, and later is today. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Essie is soooooooooo beautiful. I’m thrilled for you and your family, and may God bless you all!

  28. Oh wooooow! Mummy Prechy, so happy for you and Mr. N!!! I’ve had thoughts of you for a while now. This news warms my heart. Congratulations!

  29. Oh dear. Precious! Congratulations! I came here for the ‘Accra Banana’ recipe and saw Essie! She is gorgeous. My hands have been so full, it’s tough making time to come here but honestly, I’ve missed your blog so much. Best wishes to you and family.❤️❤️

  30. Congrats the baby is as precious as d mother. She is a blessing

  31. Congratulations. She’s a blessing and gift from above and so shall she be forever. Amen.

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