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You guys, being mommy is a phenomenal experience. I don’t think anything in life has brought me more humour, craziness and all things in between like mommyhood. It is the “hood” that brings out all sorts of emotions in you – all sorts of highs and lows. One minute, I feel like I will lose my mind. The other minute, I feel like I am the most blessed person on the earth. This picture captures it perfectly:

motherhood memes

So I thought I would share with you some of the memes on the internet that reflect my present life as a mom. Disclaimer: these memes are not mine. I got them mostly from Pinterest and most of the sources were untraceable. Also, I have added links under the ones whose sources I could find.

That said, let’s take a look at some motherhood memes.

1. Waking up in the morning – I feel this way when I hear my kids’ voices and their little footsteps.

motherhood memes

2. But on some mornings though, they wake up before me then they come to wake me up. I’ll be like:

motherhood memes

3. They follow me everywhere I go at home. Yesterday, I went to take a shower and all three girls followed me and sat in front of the bathroom door while I was in the bathroom. My oldest was even singing. When I finished my shower, I came out and asked her what she was doing there and she said she was keeping me company so I shouldn’t be bored. Imagine!

motherhood memes

4. My toddler follows me to the bathroom almost every time she sees me going there.

motherhood memes

5. Going out is a HUGE project. Ha.


6. Parenting in public versus parenting at home. Ha.

motherhood memes

7. That epic look when they don’t listen in public:

motherhood memes

8. I totally feel this way when I see another struggling mom. I feel you mama.

motherhood memes

9. I once got my body written all over with this thing right here:

motherhood memes

10. I struggle with laundry. Mr N can testify. I keep forgetting clothes in either the washer or the dryer. Working on it though.

motherhood memes

11. Haha. It’s like they hate to see me relax.

motherhood memes

12. They tell endless stories.

motherhood memes

13. Haha. This is so my four year old.

motherhood memes

14. I have been tired since 2011, when I gave birth to my first child.

motherhood memes

15. At the end of the day:

motherhood memes

In all, I won’t trade the motherhood experience for anything. I love my kiddos and feel so blessed to be their mama. Hope these memes brighten your day as they did to mine.

Are you a mom? Which of the pictures above share your experience?

Happy new week, my friends!

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  1. Hahahahhahahaha Precious, please I can’t stop laughing oooo. The picture of you waiting for your kids to finish their story and the last picture depicting your face when your children have finally gone to bed really cracked me up. I love this write-up. Don’t worry you will reap the fruit of your Labor one day. My regards to your girls please.


  2. hahahahahahaha you sure know how to make me laugh. I’ve 4 kids…14,13,9 & 3 months. i totally relate with this beautiful madness. plus teenager drama added to the mix. God help me

  3. Awww at your eldest. Wait till she falls in love. 😂
    Great memes. Especially loved 11,12 and 13. The first one and that duck pic, hilarious. Good one Sis and thanks.

    1. Hahaha Bisi, oh please! Hopefully we stay glued for life oo. I’m not looking forward to them leaving me at all. They will cleave to their husbands but we’ll still be very close. Lol

  4. The memes were sooooooo funny. You need to see how I was laughing. Not a mum but I understand, especially the parenting at home versus public one. And the katniss salute was soo funny! Like, I feel you mom! It’s all good though. Glad you’re having fun with your kids. I’m sure they’re crazy about you the way you are about them. Xx

    1. Hahahaha yes they are, Itunu! My oldest says she is never leaving my side even when she grows and gets married. Lol. The feeling is definitely mutual. Thank you!

  5. LOL!! …. Awwww! I am not yet a mother but I can definitely relate to what you are talking about having been surrounded by a lot of mothers and their kids. The meme that had me was the one about the kids waking a person up in the morning, standing beside the bed. As an aunt, that used to happen to me all the time! – http://jamilakyari.com/aveda-comforting-tea/

  6. Fadalawd!!! In rolling on the floor now. This is hilarious but so true kai! I can totally relate with parenting publicly vs at home. Plus the going-out project. Honesty eeh, it takes more preparation than a wedding. Lol

    1. For real, Jessica! Sometimes I give up going out if it’s not something really important because preparing is just not easy.

  7. Lovely and heartwarming isn’t it how kids act around their mothers. I’m sure the memories will be cherished, at least you can tell them all how they used to follow you around when they grow up -and actually stop following you, and you do all the following, ha!

    1. Hahaha yes, the memories will be forever cherished. Hopefully I don’t have to follow them around when they are grown. LOL

  8. Oh Lawwwdd! I get you on every meme. Quite a world, I tell ya! The scolding outside vs inside cracked me up so bad. And it’s so true, kids just don’t just like it when you want to relax and and be comfy. All the Same, you can’t trade it for the world.

    1. I know right. They want to always keep us on our toes.
      Sure, we can trade being with them for anything. Priceless.

  9. Hahahahahhahaha…not a mother yet but I have babysitted enough babies to understand some od these memes. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through especially at your eldest singing outside the bathroom door while you shower to keep you comapny lol #shiftMakeiFaint lol

    1. Hahaha Nor, I have shifted, comman faint. That’s eh. She said she didn’t want me to be bored. As if I complained about being alone. Lol