Scotch eggs! They put the ‘e’ in the eggs.
They make even a non egg lover fall in love.
They make boiled eggs worth dying for.
Let’s make them!

Prep: 30 mins
Cook: 20 mins
Total: 50 mins
Yield: 7 scotch eggs

7 hard boiled eggs
1 pound ground beef (About half kg)
Salt and ground black pepper to taste
1 tablespoon of chopped parsley
I litre oil for frying
I cup breadcrumbs
Half cup of flour
Here how you add ‘e’ to eggs:
In a bowl, beat your two raw eggs and set aside. Put flour into another bowl and set aside.
Peel your hard boiled eggs. As you can see I have more that seven here. I gave the most poorly peeled ones to the girls to feast on. I have a problem: I hardly peel hard boiled eggs without breaking the egg whites. Please pray for me. If you know how I can avoid this, let me know below. Thank you!
Now prepare your breadcrumbs if you are not using already prepared one from the store. To achieve this, I heated some French Bread in the oven until it got hard and crispy. I now crushed it in the blender. Viola, breadcrumbs!
Now season the meeeeeeat! I love this part. My list of ingredients up there says salt, pepper and chopped parsley but baby, feel free to throw in other flavours! Freshly ground ginger and garlic will work wonders in here! Some ground white pepper will give it a kick. If you are maggi freak, throw in a cube too. Just don’t overpower the meat and override its natural lovely flavour. Mix till all the ingredients marry each other.
Now this is the fun part. Put your oil in a pot and set on medium heat. Take one hard boiled egg and coat with that magical meaty mixture. Be careful to coat all of the egg with the meat. Dump it into the bowl containing the flour.

Coat it with the flour.
Now put it in beaten egg and coat again.
Then you put into the breadcrumbs.
Yes! Yes!! Coat it with that bready crumby thingy.
Drop into heated oil and fry.
Fry and turn the sides until all golden brown.
Remove and place on some folded paper towel to drain. Repeat process with all the eggs.
I honestly think that my scotch eggs are laughing at each other because they are not smooth. However, they tasted ah-mazing! I blame their miserable look on my poorly crushed breadcrumbs, which was the last thing to go on the eggs. To avoid my mistake, grind the bread crumbs to be very fine.
Other things you can use to coat eggs for scotch eggs are sausage and fish. If you prefer to coat your eggs with flour, check out this simple recipe.
Have a good one!



  1. Cooking is really an art and you make it so ahmazing! I love this ya word and have used them occassionally. I think to have your eggs out smoothly, change the water immediately you put off the fire and let them stand in cold water for a few mins. Now your hard boiled eggs will come out as smooth as a baby's skin. Try it and I hope it helps. Otherwise don't know that always works for me. I will be trying this one soon.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Sis! I'll try that method of yours next time. I always plunge them into cold water after boiling but maybe I don't plunge them fast enough. Hopefully I get delivered from the spirit of poorly peeled eggs.

  3. Chai!!! U 3much ooh Sis! a don die me sweet…great receipe…drop a teaspoon of baking soda in to the boiling water with the eggs. it will make the skin come off easily…try that, it works just like your ahmazing!!!

  4. You should also boil the Eggs with salt. I hope this can help you too

  5. Wow baking soda is a miracle worker in the kitchen. Thank you, sis!

  6. Once the egg is cooked, removed from boiled water and immediately put in ice cold water…. it helps you peel out whole eggs

  7. Once the egg is cooked, remove them from boiled water and immediately put in ice cold water…. it helps you peel out whole eggs

  8. how do i make my own bread crumbs without an oven

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  10. About the problem with your eggs. Once the eggs are boiled, place them in cold water to cool down. Make sure the eggs doesn’t heat up the water if u boiled lots of them. Once they cool down, they peel nicely.

  11. Thnks dear am happy i hv learn well wht was missx in a head

  12. Oh! I’m all watery Precieuse. I’m a foodie.thanks for sharing ,I’ll send you my feedback soon. Love you

  13. I’m salivating. Thanks sis, muaah, next up the kitchen. We foodies de so… Lol

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  15. Hi precious, please is there an alternative for bread crumbs?

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