Letter to myself


Dear Precious,

You must remember the important things of life. Fame and fortune are not important. You need to earn your bread but you must not be consumed by the need for more. The quest for more material things will other bring things that are vanity. You must remember that the love for money is the root of ALL evil.

You must wake up every morning with the right sense of purpose. Your purpose is not to compete with others. Your purpose is not to bring down others. Your purpose is to touch lives with the talents you have. Your purpose is to give as much as you can. Your purpose is to love unconditionally. Your ultimate purpose is to draw people to God through everything you do.

You must remember that one day you will be on a dying bed. And it might not even be a dying bed. Death could happen in the split of a second, anytime, anywhere. You must always think about death because this will keep you in check. One day, you will no longer be here and if all that you worked for were material things, then you will be so miserable.

Dear Precious, you must remember that as the days go, the world is becoming more evil. Therefore you must not forget your Creator. You cannot afford to be a lukewarm Christian. You cannot afford to be a passive Christian. You must nurture your relationship with God every single day in other to stand. You must open your Bible and eat from it. You must fellowship with people who love the Lord as you do. You must work on your relationship with God because it is the most important thing.

Dear Precious, you must take care of the body God gave you. It is your responsibility to eat right, exercise right and take care of this mortal body while you are still here. Do not be passive and expect to be okay. You must work on your health.

As a mom, you must remember that your kids are watching you. They see everything you do. And they are going to copy what you do more than what you say. So living right is more important than telling them to live right. And you must cherish every moment with your little ones because they are not going to be here for very long.

Dear Precious, you must remember that each day is a battle. You have to fight to do the right things instead of the wrong ones. You have to fight to wake up from bed rather than sleep some more. You have to fight to stay away from social media so you can get work done. You have to fight to love when you have every reason to hate. You have to fight. Every. single. day.

Dear Precious, you must remember that you must work on your marriage for your marriage to work. You cannot afford to have an okay marriage. You can not afford to have one of those marriages that end of up as a statistic. You cannot afford to have a marriage void of God. You must always remember the value of marriage and the family.

Dear Precious, you must think of the legacy you want to live behind. You want to be remembered as a woman that gave all she had and most importantly as a woman who loved God.

Dear Precious, think about these things. Selah.pre-signature-pro


  1. Hmmmmmmmmm.

  2. This is my best read from your blog Precious (though I have been reading often and have not read all). You know why? Because this letter applies to me as well and all other women who love Jesus and who are trying to walk in step with the Spirit of the most high God. We all need to remember that it is more about purpose than about profit, it more about others than it is about ourselves and it is more about representing Christ than being in the limelight. I hope that so many people read this letter as it is so very important that we remind ourselves of these truths daily. May God help us all and God bless you abundantly as you seek to fulfill your God-given purpose.

  3. You’re right Precious
    Loving the Lord Jesus is everything. Its great you don’t feel embarrassed talking about Him on you blog. More grace

  4. Hello precious we don’t see God physically but we see that in what people do and say.just to appreciate what u are doing. More grease to your elbow. To God be your Glory.

  5. Thanks again aunty Precious for these inspiring words, they are so great to begin a week and i pray the Lord sees us through as we run this race of faith meanwhile keep inspiring youths like us cuz some of us are going astray, some are out there and have no skills to boast of.

  6. Hannah Agbor

    I can totally relate to your post. Thanks for sharing. Life is indeed a battle, every time and every day

  7. God bless you precious exceedingly and abundantly.thank you for this.

  8. Awwww. We must be in tune with eachother. I saw your comment so I guess you saw my letter to my 18 year old self.lol. Why can’t I be serious-minded like you? I started with profound advice and went into the goofiest of things.lol. These are great reminders, dear.

  9. Wow Precious! this letter is not just for you alone, it’s for me too. each paragraph sends a message of revelation to me. thank you so much for publishing this piece. I’m very sorry that I have been active on the blog lately, life took it’s toll on me. I hope you and the family are doing gloriously well?


    • We are doing well, hun! I’ve missed you here but glad to know that you are doing okay. And I’m also happy to hear that the letter resonates with you. May we live our best.

  10. Wow.Thank you so much for the beautiful job you are doing. You are a motivational speaker. God bless you for inspiring more souls dear

  11. The letter resonates with a lot of us.
    I love the opening line. Especially in this blogosphere, it is important to remember it is not about the fame but about the purpose of why we are blogging.
    Shared talents and passion notwithstanding, there’s always space for being unique.
    Thanks for writing these daily reminders we all need.


    • Amen. It is not about the fame but about the purpose of why we are blogging.
      And I love what you said about being unique in spite of shared talents. So true!
      Thank you, sis.

  12. What can I say? Thanks for sharing!

  13. I actually read this days ago but I’m just getting to drop a comment.
    This was beautifully written with a pure heart, and I’m amazed at how your heart longs for God even in the midst of it all. I pray you keep waxing stronger and stronger in your walk with God and may God’s face continually shine upon you and all that’s yours.
    Much love dear. xo!

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