Dear Husband…

-Not every kissing and caressing must lead to sex. Sometimes I just want you to love my body and show some affection.

-Never expect me to think like you. You are a logical being, I am an emotional being.

-The fact that God’s word asks me to submit to you doesn’t turn me into your doormat. Remember that you are to love me as Christ loved the church.

-When you take decisions independent of me you are putting asunder what God has put together.

-How can you put your family before me? You are married to ME.

-Talk means a lot to me. That’s the way I spell intimacy.

-Stop comparing me to other women. I am me, they are them.

-Stop using cheating on me as a threat. If you indulge in extra-marital affairs, you destroy yourself first before me.

-Work on your relationship with God. When you love God, then you can love me better.

…From a concerned wifepre-signature-pro


  1. Good one dear…this piece just says it all…thumbs up

  2. Thanks dear Rose…

  3. aunty precious, u r indeed a blessing to mankind…. am about to get married, with this I believe I can be a better husband to my wife

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