how to make coleslaw
Each time I make this salad, girl number one dives at it. She even attempted to make hers one day when I wasn’t making any. When I made this version which I am going to show you with the cabbage chopped more finely, baby girl loved it!. How sweet and nice to see a toddler eat salad happily. It is the perfect dream-come-true for a mother who ants to see her kids LOVE salad.

This is coleslaw at it’s finest. You only need 3 ingredients- red cabbage, white cabbage and carrots. You could even use just two ingredients: regular cabbage and carrots. The salad dressing that goes with it is creamy, sweet with a hint of tart. While we were grilling the other day, I made some and it was so enjoyable as usual. I thought I would share this delight with you.
Prep: 20 mins
Cook: 0 mins
Serves: 4


For the salad:

Half a small cabbage
Half a small red cabbage
2 medium carrots
For the dressing:
1 cup of mayonnaise
Half cup of milk
2 teaspoons vinegar
1 teaspoon mustard
1 heaped tablespoon sugar
Here is my cast of characters, right before my cabbages were halved.
Half one cabbage and shred using the shredding corner of a grater. In case a portion doesn’t shred as finely, keep it aside and use a knife to chop more finely later.
Repeat process with the other red/purple cabbage and place them in a bowl. The world should be talking about how cute a purple cabbage is!
Shred the carrots.
Put into the same bowl as the cabbage and mix everything together. Oh baby! Oh my! Good God! Gracious God! Oh heavens!
Now it’s time for the salad dressing! Let’s sing:
Dressing lifted salad
Dressing lifted salad
When nothing else would do
Dressing lifted salad!
Dump all the dressing ingredients into a bowl: mayo, milk, mustard, vinegar and sugar.
Beat everything together until smooth.
Now pour this over the vegetables and weep for joy.
Give that a good mix.
That’s how you make a very easy and delightful coleslaw, people.
How the coleslaw can serve you;
-Take this to a potluck dinner to be a star without the paparazzi.
-Serve it as a side to a barbecue.
-Make it for your next party.
-Just make some and enjoy yourself at home. Ha.

If you have a food processor, you could just put chunks of cabbage in it and chop together with the cream. This is super easy.
Enjoy your creamy coleslaw!



  1. Yes this is me right now. I am gradually turning into a vegetarian. I now have salads for for breakfast,lunch and dinner. I love this your simple and nutridense salad. I missed my favourite blog so much

  2. Anonymous

    Yet to come across red cabbage in Nigeria, I use white cabbage, carrot and red apple for my coleslaw, the apple gives it a distinctive taste. Send me some red cabbage, Lool. Bola

  3. I love the gradual turn that is taking over you. You'll love this simple salad.
    Your favourite blog missed you even more.

    Welcome back, dear.

  4. I have never made a salad with apple. Time to try something new. Thanks for the idea Bola.

    And oh, I'm sending some online red cabbage your way. Hahaha

  5. Oh WOW!! I never knew there was a red cabbage! wow! It looks so good and this recipe definitely deserves a try!

    Cassie Daves Blog
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  6. There is a red cabbage and it is so cute!
    Thanks for stopping by, Cassie!

  7. I loveeee coleslaw and I loveee the colour red cabbage gives to this salad, and you're right! The combination is amazing. I always use a food processor and it takes barely 2 minutes to chop up all the cabbage! I've never made my own dressing… I'll try it out!

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  8. First time I'd be seeing an 'oyinbo' cabbage. LOL. Thanks for the recipe. Kudos

  9. Red cabbage gives amazing colour to this though I sometimes think it overshadows the white. Lol
    That's it! I'm getting a food processor. You won't believe, I don't own one, Kachee.
    You should totally make your own dressing. The dressing in this recipe is yum!

  10. Lol @"oyinbo" cabbage.
    Thanks for stopping by, Yetunde!

  11. I love the colour the red cabbage gives the salad. Unfortunately it is not readily available in Nigeria. Bless ur lil girl for trying to make her own salad. How cute.

    See My family's recent fruit obsession

  12. Waow. This looks lovely. I wish I had your passion for cooking though.

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  13. You could fall in love with cooking like me, Ife.

  14. It's from this post that I realised red cabbage is not readily available in Nigeria. The recipe still works well with regular cabbage though. How are you doing, Nelo?

  15. It's awesome! I made this for christmas and to think I never filmed it! It appeared on my vlogs sha

  16. It's the "awesomest" salad, Sisi! It will be cool to make a video of the recipe someday.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  17. I so love colours. I usually make mine with just the white cabbage and carrots. I will be trying out how it goes with red cabbage in it. The pics are soo cool.

  18. Thanks sis. Still working on my photography skills. Haha
    Colours make food look more take-away.

  19. Oh the colours !! I'm binging on your food posts ! Awesome shares.

  20. Binging is allowed, Tamie!

  21. Yesterday I bought me some cabbage and carrots and would definitely make coleslaw today. This will go very well with my spicy home-made mayo. Great pics by the way! God bless!

  22. I love homemade mayo. Nothing like it.
    Thanks sis!

  23. Hi Preshy,am glad seeing this recipe.please what kind of milk or any kind of milk?Thanks a lot for helping.Stay blessed.

  24. Pascaline Fonteh

    Dear Precious,

    I just finished making this salad and could not help singing the “dressing lifted salad” song. Thanks for your recipes, I have been cooking a storm. Kati Kati coming up tomorrow. First timer!

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  26. Peridia_Ann

    I have been looking for such easy recipes with ingredients that are easy to get for a long time thanks for making it easy for me much love.

  27. Fonkemkathleen

    Hello precious how do u wash the cabbage? I mean disinfecting and doing away w the strong smell

    • Hi Fonkem, I simply peel the outer skin of the cabbage because most of the cabbage I get here doesn’t need disinfecting.
      But to disinfect, put a couple teaspoons of vinegar in water and put in your chopped cabbage to rest for a few minutes. Drain the cabbage, squeeze and use in your salad. Hope this helps.

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  29. Thank you so much Precious for this healthy salads. I truly appreciate it, because this will help me cut down on my weight.
    Thanks once again for sharing.

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  31. Princess Ekema

    Wow! This looks so delicious. Merry Christmas to you Mummy Precious. The milk mentioned in this salad dressing is it condensed or which? Thanks again and my regards to your family.

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