Go beyond the missionary

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WARNING: This post is for married couples only so if you are not married please end here. Thank you!

It is disheartening to think that a lot of Christians fail woefully when it comes to sexual intimacy. Come to think of it: We serve the God that created us and created sex to enable us get intense pleasure.

I heard someone say before that Christians are the worse in the bedroom and it broke my heart. As long as you are legally married then you should not be guilty about attaining pleasure in the bedroom.

Go beyond the missionary position which has been the stereotyped sexual position for a while. Apart from this, there are other positions you could try. They include:

-Woman-on-top also known as the cow girl style. Here the woman mounts the man and rides him like a horse.

-Man comes in from behind. Penetration is deeper with this one.

-Side by side. Here, the man comes in from behind but while lying at the back of the woman.

Varying positions lead to varying pleasure and you may discover that one position works for you more than another.

I’ll like to add here that not everything you think of doing is permissible in the bedroom as scripture says the marriage bed should be kept undefiled (Hebrews 13:4).

I know this post is for someone. Is that you? Go on and turn the heat on in your bedroom. Married no dey heaven ooo.
Until I come your way next time, keep living your best life.


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