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My people, hope you are thriving working hard towards making this month a November to remember. Last week was Halloween. On Saturday evening, I saw my neighbours’ kids dressed up in different costumes. A little girl was dressed as a witch, another like an ancient princess and I saw a little boy with a Spiderman costume. 

My kids did not participate. They felt pressured to but I told them Halloween is not worth celebrating to us. I mean, what’s the point in celebrating witches, ghosts and graveyards? I fail to see the fun and harmlessness in it. I think it is a subtle way, the devil uses to plant evil seeds in people. It is just another way to make vice appear as virtue. I don’t care if everybody does it. We are not after the crowd but after the Word.When people begin to see blood shed as cool then that is a real problem. How did this crap even get so popular? Well, the ‘god of this world’ is doing his work in distracting people as much as possible.
I went around my neighbourhood with Mr. N and we took these photos of people’s Halloween decorations. Some of them were so excited to see us take pics of their ‘spooktacular’ displays. Na wah! See the pics below:
I noticed a lot of displays had cobwebs. There is something about cobwebs and evil.
This was like the most elaborate display I saw. The camera couldn’t capture all at once. Hmmm

We also took pics of beautiful Fall/Autumn trees. The leaves have changed from green to red and orange. Such a lovely sight! God is awesome and creation testifies of His awesomeness.

In church, we learnt that we need covenant friendships like the friendship that existed between David and Jonathan. How was your week? Love you!

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  1. It really helps to do some research about these popular celebrations before jumping into the train. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that is so true!

  2. Lool @code messsage. Yep it is linked to that and some encyclopedias refer to it as all souls day which people have twisted it round to all saints day. Anyway, sometimes just images speak volumes to give one pause about some things.
    Massa oh that affaire nkap. Well na their wahala oh ma sista.

  3. Chai, see as you code message for dey. Abeg we no di selebate all kind dust.
    Those pictures tell it all. I don't know about the link to Noah's flood but I have seen enough to know that it's not worth celebrating.
    Imagine people spending hundreds of dollars to buy skeletons and scary costumes. Abeg I no fit shout.
    Thanks for adding your voice to this, sis!

  4. I must say as I saw Halloween my first thought was 'I hope this ma sista nova join Amelikana craze for selebate all kind dust'. Then as I read, I said here is someone talking much sense. People just think it is all harmless. I wish many could really do research on certain issues before they buy the 'going with the flow' excuse.
    The celebration is linked with the flood of Noah's day. Imagine people celebrating those destroyed for their evil.
    That is why I like myself. If I don't see reason to follow the crowd, I am very comfortable being the odd person out.
    I made mention of this in a FB update and it was a serious debate lol.
    The pictures nor, I jump am pass! No comment on them.
    But I so love the Fall/ Autumn pics. They truly testify to God's creative awesomeness!.
    Thanks for an enlightening post.

  5. The god of this world has indeed blinded their eyes. Some of them know something is wrong with it but they still want to be part of the 'fun'. That your classmate sef… which cartoon character did she want to look like? There are more important, beneficial and fun-filled activities we could do to unwind. Not Halloween. Not celebrating demonic symbols. People should wake up and think. It is okay for someone to wear a costume showcasing a butchered neck but when a person is actually killed, it is wrong. Why play with something you will not accept in reality? Thanks for stopping by, Nata.

  6. Chai! Those pictures tho, I have no words!! But I just Thank God for His Grace, because in time of ignorance His Grace still abides. People are so ignorant about the truth, I mean isn't it obvious that this thing is demonic? Some will say "I am just dressing up for the fun." This classmate of mine even had to steal a teacher's marker to use to paint her self vecause she wanted to look like a cartoon carracter (she ready bought her costume)Seeing how excited she was, I felt so bad for her how ignorant she was. Wanted to talk to her but I sey Mek I shut up my mop, lol. Thank you for this post, I know you were going to blog on this lol.

  7. I kept nodding as I read your comment, Igxtelle. It is beyond a 'costume' day. All those ghosts and imagery of death and blood shed are significant. Sometimes it's not easy to opt out when everyone else is doing it but that's why we are the light of the world. The Bible says the way is narrow. It indeed is. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  8. I got invited to a Halloween/custome/birthday party and I even went to the extent of buying a " police woman" custome for the event. Every step of the way I kept on pondering on the significance. Right there at the custome store where caricatures of evil doom and death and I remembered, what fellowship has darkness with light? Many Christians will use the excuse and say it is just a "custome " day but we are not unaware of the devices of the devil. Let no accursed thing be found in your house or your dwelling place. This is a lesson I will have to teach my children: Halloween is not a day we will celebrate. Needless to say, I dropped that custome and walked out of that store- that party was not for me. We must protect our minds and our hearts. If only people knew the spiritual implications of what seems to be harmless physical actions – God open our eyes