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1. Do NOT fear

2. Do NOT worry

I woke up this morning and these are the phrases that are ringing in my head. Fear and worry are two deadly enemies. They have a way of killing your hope, your vibe and your courage. They could easily sink you into a pool of depression and disbelief. So this morning, I am choosing to neither worry nor fear. It doesn’t matter the circumstance. Scripture says, “be anxious for nothing!”

We should rather pray about everything with all manner of prayer and supplication and the God who loves us will give us peace. Peace, that surpasses every human understanding. You see, as human beings, we have our pre-requisite for peace. We think everything should be fine before our hearts can be at ease. But God tells us that the peace He gives surpasses our understanding. He can give you peace even in the midst of that storm. He can give you peace when you have every reason to worry. That’s the kind of peace He gives.

In other news, the man I married, Mr. N travelled for a conference this past weekend. You guys, this has not happened in three years. For the past three years, we have seen each other every day. Every. Single. Day. So when he travelled, we started missing each other like crazy. That led to lots of phone calls and texting until he got back home. Just like teenagers in love. Ha.

Then, our hair-dos need change. I BADLY need to change my hair style and that of my three daughters THIS WEEK. They’ve had their yarn and crochet braids on for about two months and they are all begging to be changed. This is where the struggle of having daughters is. I often dread when I have to undo all three hair-dos (plus mine, four!) Then I have to detangle, wash, detangle again and re-style. It is pleasing to see their hair well made but the process! The process isn’t easy.

I also need ideas on the next hair style. I have made all sorts of styles on their hair from cornrows to crochet braids to regular braids. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with all this hair. If you have any cute hair ideas for little girls, please share below. And if you have ideas for mine too, please share. Thank you!

Did anyone ever make the simple spaghetti and (titus) sardine jollof pictured above as a student? Oh man, I made it for dinner the other day and we all loved it! The best part is it only took about thirty minutes! I think this should be a regular on my family menu. For quick dinner nights, you know. I shared the simple recipe on my Instagram and Facebook.

January ends tomorrow? Whaaaaaaa?? Life happens so fast. It’s like we just got into 2017. You guys, I am immensely grateful for how the year has begun. Immensely! I couldn’t ask for a better start of year. Though it began with an annoying neck pain, I still went on to accomplish far more than I could ask for. Thank you, Jesus! And thank you, for always being here with me. ♥

Let’s make it a great week. What’s up with you?

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  1. Power mummy!I can totally understand this hair saga.I’m constantly thinking of what to do with Ella’s hair.As for Grace’s it’s a weekly thing and now she has gone natural.The work no get part two.
    For yourself aren’t wigs your best bet.You can get braided wigs too if you love them.
    You know that spaghetti is a bae of mine.I loveeee ett!!

  2. Those two phrases are for me.
    Being apart for a while keeps a relationship healthy, you miss and appreciate each other more.
    Dunno what’s wrong with glo network these days, hope it gets fixed soon.
    Been a while Presh, howdy?

  3. So sweet. I love the lovey-dovey part of this week’s Here’s What’s Up. God is totally good.

  4. Dear good that I thame my fears and allow God to take charge. and on washing 3 girls hair,I must confirm that you are a supermum. you are my woman crush. stay blessed and my regards to the girls.

  5. You have seen each other everyday for 3 years! Love struck teenagers, that is so cute! Marley twists are nice if you haven’t done them before xx

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