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Of all the things that happen in my life, one of the most fulfilling is waking up each morning to these three phenomenal girls. To see them smile and learn. To teach them to value God more than anything else in their lives. To hear them tell me, “I love you” uncountable times. To create memories together that will last just like we did over the weekend as we visited the Como Zoo.

On Friday, Mr N took us out to the zoo for a “homeschooling field trip”. I love using the name, ‘field trip” when we go out because for some reason, it triples the girls’ excitement. But let me tell you the truth, I was more excited than them. It’s the same zoo we visited on our wedding anniversary. The girls were filled with joy as they have been dying to go to the Como Zoo. This time we didn’t get to see lots of animals as the weather is getting colder so the animals have been transferred indoors.

But we saw plants in the conservatory attached to the zoo. Lots of them. I even got to see some of the plants that are typically grown in Africa like mango, papaya, orange and banana.


It was also a time of learning for me. I didn’t know there were carnivorous plants! They eat up insects.for a living.


And we saw these colourful frogs that looked so surreal but are real. And don’t let the colours fool you. They are damn poisonous.



There was this house filled with palms. I couldn’t resist taking a picture in there. I kept thinking of how the Bible says the righteous flourish like a palm tree.


We also saw these trees that are artificially made to grow as mini versions of the real tree. They are called bonsai and some last for hundreds of years!


I’ll be visiting that green house a few times in the winter to keep in touch with nature when the weather tries to keep me out of touch.

Some other things this week:

The American election results:

The results of the American presidential elections has got to be one of the shocking things ever in human history. I have seen so many people agonise and fight over it on social media and I almost got into that frenzy too. But I’m asking: is it really worth it? Quarrels and fights over who enters the White House just distort the spirit of love and unity among  friends and family. It is important to note that there are far more pressing things to be concerned with. Like how we live our lives here on earth. How we show love to others. How we prepare for eternity because we won’t last long on this earth.

I heart you:

Thank you for always taking out time to read some of the things I post here and even dropping a comment. You have no idea, how much I enjoy and appreciate this opportunity to connect with you through my computer screen.

Go forth and have a great week! Wake up each morning and be determined to make it a great day. Remember that no matter how bad it gets, it can always get better.

That’s what’s up with me, my friends. You?



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  1. Precious darling, They sure must have been amazed with these findings. I’ve been as busy as hell ‘coz of recent events in my life but always glad to come by here. Oh dear, the win wasn’t a shock to me anyway. I knew deeply he would win but I just couldn’t stand the spew of hate afterwards between supporters. Have a lovely week dear.

    1. Oh Bubu, I know you said you were moving. Sending some strength and support your way.
      That hatred between supporters is not healthy at all. You are one of the few people who are not shocked by the results. Ya head is there.

  2. You are into homeschooling Precious. That’s a dream I long to fulfil if the opportunity shows up. Will be following your journey and learning.

    You were being wise to stay away from the election fights. I for one, I resolved to remain silent and the drama has been interesting to watch. May be it’s the qualitative researcher in me that is enjoying the free data social media gives for observational studies. May be.

    Enjoyed your pictures. You have such beautiful girls. I can bet they will grow up to be virtuous women of influence. My virtual hugs to them and thank you for not putting up pictures of snakes. I was very careful while scrolling down.

    Me this week? Work as usual(virtual) 26weeks old game activities with my son. Baby food recipe experiments. Packing to return back to Cameroon and a little sleep in between.

    1. Aww Lily, your comment melts my heart. Yes, I am homeschooling my girls. I have a post detailing the reasons we decided to homeschool and I plan to share more about my journey with time.
      Those election fights are not worth the time at all.
      I have never photographed a snake in my life and I don’t think I ever will so you are in safe hands. Haha
      Much kisses to your son and all the best with your plans this week!
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment!!!

  3. Your girls are so beautiful! God bless and keep them.
    I have 2 girls and I don hands off, I no do again.
    Wassup with me this week? Well, work as usual plus I have to help me girls memorise their bible verses for their children celebration day on Sunday. I hope they make me proud.
    week to you hun.

    1. Thanks Bola!!
      They will surely make you proud. There’s nothing like kids mastering Bible verses. Blessings to you, dear.