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2001. That’s the year when I opted to study French at high school level. As if my inability to go beyond “bonjour” and “comment ça va” wasn’t enough. I took the plunge and sat in a class where I would be taught in French, study novels in French and delve into the intricacies of a language that didn’t come naturally to me.

Every other person in my French class hailed from a French-speaking area in Cameroon: Douala, Yaounde, Bafoussam. My little life had involved shuttling between Bamenda and Buea, where English and pidgin English were the parlances. True, I had spent some time in Yaounde. But not enough time to learn French adequately.

I was so bummed in that class. I couldn’t laugh at the jokes that were told. I couldn’t communicate. I was a complete alien. A disheveled mess. I sat there hoping. Hoping that one day my breakthrough would come and I would understand French.

My breakthrough came. But not the way I expected it to.

My teacher met my mother at the market place in the big city, away from my boarding school which was located in the outskirts of that city. He complained to her about my inability to comprehend the language. Actually, it wasn’t just a complaint. It was sprinkled with sarcasm.

My mother relayed that information about my inadequacies to me. Once she told me, something in me was stirred. I decided to proof my teacher wrong. I decided to start learning French like I had never done. I started from the ABCs of the language with a book, entitled “Basic French” as my guide.

In the evening during the compulsory reading time in school called “preps”, I would flip through the tattered pages of my foundational book. I studied French more than I studied History (and I studied History a lot). I had a deep-seated determination in me that I would learn French and I would succeed in French exams.

Months later, when we wrote mock GCE examinations, I had a higher grade than everyone else in my class. Than everyone else who was fluent in French. I could see the shock on my teacher’s face when he announced the results.

That was a breakthrough moment for me. I have had similar breakthrough moments. Like when a supposed movie director eyeballed me and said I could not act. Then he saw me in a local(very local) TV commercial and was completely wowed.

Like when I started this blog and it didn’t make much sense to some. Yet they have seen it grow into something authentic, strong and real.

When you consistently fight for what you believe in and work hard towards achieving your goal success comes. Whether that goal is passing a French exam or building a blog.

To think that sitting in a room, computer in hand, bringing words to life would bring me these many blessings… Even when it seemed like no one was reading, I kept writing. I kept sharing. I kept doing everything I could to make this space grow. I have fought for my ideas with undying passion and commitment. And there’s nothing like seeing results.

I have discovered that even when you are in the right place, doing the right thing, you still have to fight. You still have to kick doors to open. You still have to push. You can’t just lay around and expect things to happen.

Writing here and making videos for YouTube are things I have worked hard at solely because I believe in God’s plan for me. I believe in me so much that I just can’t stop being who I was meant to be. I can’t stop allowing my pen to speak, sharing from my life and heart, sharing recipes, writing about relationships and all the things that I get prompted to write about.

I wake up in the morning with a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. I’m on a journey to dying empty and Precious Core is a HUGE part of that journey.

To you reading this, you have no idea how grateful I am to have you in this space. It is my prayer that you find a passion that makes you excited about waking up in the morning. I have found my purpose which I’m fulfilling one blog post/recipe at a time. It is my prayer that you find yours and travel down that road.

Whether it is a French teacher or a local movie director, the voices of discouragement will be all around you. But you must choose to enthusiastically act upon what you believe in. Dreams do come true – but only when they are worked for.

May 2017 be a year of living fully for you. May you unleash your potentials and become that somebody that God made you to be. Above all, may you enjoy a blossoming relationship with your Creator. Because there’s really nothing like living for God.

And on this note, I say Happy New Year to you, my friend. Thanks for always visiting Precious Core. There are much more exciting things (aka videos, blog posts and recipes) to come in 2017 and I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

P.S. No “Here’s What’s Up” this week – this post takes its place. It will be back on Monday.



  1. Wow wow wow i love this -so inspiring.
    Happy new year to you and yours.
    It’s our year of unending breathroughs!
    God bless you dear.

  2. Lawrence Iyok

    PRECIOUS: Something that is so valuable, it should not be waisted.
    CORE: In this case, the essence of one’s character.
    PRECIOUS CORE: An important and possitive character trait that should not go to waste.

    I now see; the name fits perfectly. More power to you.

  3. I enjoyed reading this. Congratulations on thr success with this blog and God’s blessings for greater achievements. May 2017 be your most fulfilled year yet.

  4. MEYLAM Epse Dibaka Eliz

    Thanks so much sweetie for this encouraging post. There is nothing more than dying empty – living a fulfilled life. So a BIG AMEN to that prayer dear.
    I thank God for revealing Himself to you so u can fulfill yours while blessing many ( i included).
    May the Lord continually unfold Himself to you each step of the way.
    Love you lots ( and your beautiful family as well).
    Thanks for letting your pen and pots speak.

  5. That’s right Precious, we have completed our mission on earth when we die empty. No need taking our talents and gifts to the grave. Great word of encouragement. Happy and blessed year you to you.

  6. Happy new year ma’am. Thanks for this inspiring post.

  7. Touching post
    Could feel my heart warm up as I read on
    Happy new year to you too my dear
    May your efforts be rewarded abundantly
    Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Thank you, sis, for sticking to your purpose, by so doing you have helped others discover theirs (of which I am one!). Happy New Year to you dear
    God bless

  9. Nice to read. Its always enlightening to read about where you are coming from. Good you proved that teacher right? Yeah! If only the Director who said you wouldn’t act knew that there was a “Precious TV” in the horizon. lol.
    It’s so Important that we walk in purpose. That is where true fulfillment comes from. With determination and perseverance, sooner or later you discover that thing , that purpose that fulfills you and makes it all worthwhile. The first step is realizing that there’s something inside of you, something deposited in you by God. Something special, something different, something impactful, something that must be unleashed, something that can bless others.
    Without that realization, it is impossible to die empty.
    As you said we have to fight for what we believe in. Nothing good comes easy. Even when it comes, we have to keep fighting. That I know.

    Fifteen habits you need to do away with in 2017

    • “The first step is realizing that there’s something inside of you, something deposited in you by God. Something special, something different, something impactful, something that must be unleashed, something that can bless others.”
      Such profound words. Thanks Bisi!

  10. claudine efenge

    Happy New Year to you Pre… indeed if we do not fight to attain our dreams we end up drifting through life. Thanks for the poignant reminder.
    All the best in 2017. I sure will keep reading

  11. Happy new year to you! May this year be full of pleasant surprises for you and your family xx

  12. There was jst something abt this post that stirred my soul as i read on. Your authenticity and passion for what u do is evident. Happy new year my sis!

  13. Olaitan Bobade

    Enjoyed reading this. It truly was from your heart ;the very core. Happy New Year. Have a great 2017!

  14. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing, needed this. Happy New Year, dear; may this year bring forth blessings to you and your family.

  15. This is a pure dose of inspiration. God bless your heart. Happy New Year! 

  16. Absolutely nothing like purpose!! God bless you for sticking to it! May 2017 be incredible for us all.

  17. And all I could do after reading was smile. Before I used to think as long as I’m walking in God’s will, everything will work out fine and dandy, till I realized that even in God’s will, one has to fight the good fight of faith. I remember when I started writing too, I actually didn’t have God in mind the way I flood my blog with him now and so I’m grateful I get to please him with the gift He has placed in me. I pray the new year brings you beautiful things, beyond your wildest dreams. Amen.

    • Amen!
      Even on the way to the promised land, there is still the wilderness. God’s way us not always easy and/or fast. May He empower us to trust Him as we take every step. Amen.

  18. Awwwwwwwww.. Thanks.. Need something like this so badly. Thanks for putting this up

    secrets of an irresistible woman

  19. Thank you for the inspiration Precious. I’m so glad I found your blog. “Even when you’re in the right place, doing the right thing, you still have to fight” So true.
    It’s so nice and encouraging to see another Cameroonian do her thing. I hope there is so much more amazing blessing coming for you dear. Happy 2017!
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  20. Precious you are a bundle of inspiration. you have found a loyal fan in me.You are blessed.

  21. Happy new year my friend, I just got the chance to say that.


    This yummy mummy can write for Africa. Indeed this is where your passion lies. Happy 2017.

  23. Oh Precious darling. Happy New year. I’ve missed your blog. My schedule has been crazy. Learnt something new today, “even when you are at the right place at the right time, you still need to fight and kick doors open”. An eye opener. God bless you for this post. XO

  24. Beautiful post my sister!I love being here and I’m glad I found you.You’re like lost love ☺☺ hehe!!
    Do more and acheive tons this year.
    Happy New Year

  25. Patty Princewill

    Hey P, discovered your blog some time ago last year. Your writing style is AWESOME. It’s so full of HUMOUR yet SUPER EDUCATIVE. I have learnt a whole lot of things: from improving my relationship with Jesus & spouse to lifestyle skills. Would definitely try out all your recipes when I’d have settled…..May God keep increasing you in all domains. 2017 is definitely your year of flourishing. Lots of warm hugs…

    • Hi Patty,
      This warms my heart in more ways than you can imagine. Thanks for taking out time to let me know.
      Thank you!
      Hope to see more of you here. Much love.

  26. WOW, I juste discovered you on youtube while looking for a kati kati recipe and here am I reading inspiring notes of you.
    I just love what I’ve just read. Thank you so much and may GOD bless this 2017 year for you and your beloved.
    Your french speaking sister 😉

    • Hi my French-speaking sister! So glad to read from you.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the read. Thanks for dropping a note to let me know.
      God bless you and yours too.

  27. Sylvie Ngum

    What an inspirational message you got there…… I can feel you as you write this real and natural words. I have been there and I know exactly what you are talking about. Yes! so long as God is still on the throne, you shall go places. Nothing is impossible for those who believe.

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