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All about the vagina

Hello from this side of the world where I just came home from the doctor’s office with a painful leg. Yesterday and today have been bad leg days for me. There is this piercing pain in my right leg that has kept me from walking properly. Some medication was prescribed for me and I’m so hoping that the pain subsides soon. I couldn’t wait to come talk to you about the vagina.

Yes, the vagina.

It exists. Somewhere beneath your waist, if you are a woman.When I was growing up, I was hardly taught about the vagina. Apart from some vague biology lessons and stern warnings (telling me it was a no-go area), I barely knew much about this part of my body. And that affected my wedding night.
I think this is the first time I’ll be talking about the vagina on this blog. Wait… I talked about it when I spoke about my first childbirth story. Oh and I equally mentioned when I spoke about the day blood came out of my hoo-ha. But today, I just want us to examine all about this part of the body unashamedly. I want us to leave a legacy for the young girl out there who wants to learn about her body in a safe place. I want to create content that I can point my daughters to at the right time. So let’s take a look at the vagina/veejay/hoo-ha/hoo-hoo/va-jay-jay or whatever (nice-sounding) name you call it.

All you need to know about the vagina.


  • Mons pubis- This is the bulging hairy part above the clitoris
  • Clitoris- This is the small sensitive bean-like part just below the hair at the upper end of the vulva. It is the part that is cut out during the evil practice of female genital mutilation.
  • Urethral opening- This is the small opening just below the clitoris. This is where urine is ejected from. It connects to the bladder in the body.
  • Vaginal opening- this is the bigger opening right below the urethral opening. In virgins, the opening is protected by a hymen, which is a thin membrane of blood. This hymen can either be broken either by physical exercise or by sexual activity.
  • Inner and outer lips of the vagina. I think these ones are quite evident.
  • Vulva: Everything I have named above form what is known as the vulva.
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  • Never put your hand right into the vagina to wash it. This practice called, “douching” could rather introduce germs into your genitals. The vagina cleanses itself naturally in the form of normal vaginal discharge.
  • Wash the vulva with just water or with a mild soap and water.
  • Experts say a balanced diet and lots of Greek yoghurt keeps the vagina healthy.
  • See your gynaecologist regularly for preventive checks so any diseases or disorders can be detected and treated early.
  • See a doctor immediately if you notice any irregularities in your vagina.
  • Wear cotton underwear (panties/pants) and avoid over tight clothes to prevent bacteria overgrowth and infections.
  • This is very important: After a bowel movement, wipe from front to back. If you wipe from back to front, you transport germs from the anus to the vagina. Eeew.
  • Do kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This means acting as though you are holding in pee for a while then releasing your muscles.

Hello! Are you still with me? Now here are are some fun facts about the vagina.


  • What is mostly referred to as vagina is the vulva. The vagina is the “hole”.
  • Babies come from the vagina. Who knew?
  • Menstrual blood is released through the vagina.
  • The word “vagina” is Latin for “sheath” or “scabbard.”
  • The vagina can expand up to 200% during childbirth and sexual intercourse.
  • The plural of vagina is vaginae or vaginas.
  • The clitoris gets engorged with blood and erects when a woman is sexually aroused.
  • Some women are born with no hymen at all.

Any more fun facts or tips about the vagina? Please add below!
I can now breathe a sigh of relief because I have the perfect template to present to my daughters at the right time. Now share this with a young girl so they too can learn about their lady parts. Don’t forget to tell them that “no boys allowed near the vagina” according to our mamas and Jesus!

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