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When I think of my mom, I feel like I have the best mom on the planet. I have been meaning to sum up my thoughts in a blog post. Since yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the United States, I think it is the perfect time to tell the world that one of my biggest blessings in life is the woman I call mom. And by the time I am done telling you why, you may want to adopt her.

Many years ago while I sat at a hair-dressing salon in our neighbourhood getting my hair done, the hair stylist said, “Precious, your mom is a gooooood woman. She is a very good woman.”

And she was right. My mother – she is an epitome of virtue. Her goodness spreads to everyone around her – even to local hairstylists in the salon.

She has the warmest personality ever. You know that kind of person that you meet and instantly fall in love with? That’s my mom!

This is a woman whose strongest routine is her prayer routine. She never misses prayer time. Whether in the morning or in the evening – she must pray with her family! I have memories of her with with drowsy eyes totally tired from the day’s tasks but inviting us all to come for prayers! I also have memories of her waking me up in the wee hours of the morning to “come for prayers”. And me being angry because ‘sleep was still sweet’. She literally hangs on prayer as though it is the very air she breathes. She prays about everything. And I know she prays for me everyday. What a blessing!

This is a woman everyone calls “mummy” in the neighbourhood. She is mum to everyone. The poor, the needy, the young, the old and everything in between. She cares for strangers as though they were her own kids.

This is a woman with open hands. She is probably the greatest giver I know. When we have a bag of rice at home, my dad says, “she will share it all!” And she will. When a visitor comes into the house, she goes to wherever the bag of rice is and puts some in a plastic bag to give to them. Anything she has is for everyone. I have seen her share her time, treasures and talents selflessly.

This is a woman whose father-in-law said to her husband, “never joke with that woman.” This is because of how loving and caring she was. My father told me these words himself and he beamed with pride when he did. My late paternal grandfather loved and treasured my mom. He always wanted to see her. She was probably his favourite daughter-in-law. She went out of her way to please him. She would often cook ‘soup of the year’ for him and buy him ‘reading glasses’ when he complained that he couldn’t “shee” (see).

This is a woman who is soft and strong. She is submissive yet firm. I have seen her demonstrate how a woman can have her own voice yet still stay submissive to her husband. She is one woman who is authoritative yet respects her husband. Such a balance.

This is a woman who is so ambitious. She had me and 2 of my siblings as a secondary school graduate, holding only the GCE Ordinary Level certificate. But she was determined to study some more. With 3 kids, she went to school and studied for an Advanced Level certificate and kept studying until  she acquired a Masters degree equivalent. Along the way she had two more kids. But she never gave up on her studies, her hopes and her dreams.

This is a woman who hates injustice with a passion. She once worked as Court Registrar but stopped because she could not stand the wrongs that were made to look right in court.

This is a woman who treats my in-laws with so much love and respect. So much that they have developed a relationship with her without me. They go to visit her in my absence and even spend nights with her. And yes, they also call her “mummy”.

My mother is one of the funniest people I know on the surface of this earth. She is the best story teller who tells the simplest stories in the most humourous way, sometimes garnished with actions and facial expressions. Growing up, I laughed a lot because of the things she did and the stories she told us. Her sense of humour is out of this world. When people tell me I am funny, I am like wait until you meet my mother!

This is a woman that would call me just to “gist”. I am so happy to have a mother that is also a friend. I chat with her as though I’m chatting with a buddy.

This woman still calls me baby and I blush. I often tell my girls, “look, I am someone’s baby!”

Mummy, I haven’t seen you in 3 years and I miss you every. single. day. Thank you for being such a phenomenal woman. Thank you for building me into the woman I’ve become. A blog post can not contain all of your awesomeness. I can not wait to see you again and have early morning prayer with you. You are the sweetest!

Happy Mother’s Day month to all moms and moms to-be! Keep creating memories and making the most out of your time with your kids.


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  1. You are so cool and write well. I will visit your blog from time to time may God bless you and keep your family happy

  2. Awww! This got me really teary.
    God bless your mum and all mothers in the world.
    I appreciate my mum now that I’m married, motherhood is sweet, but it’s not a ‘easy something’.

  3. if I am to come to America today, I will look for where you are just to see the type of woman you are, and the lucky husband who have you. thats all I can say because I love everything about you. I wish I could be an industrious woman like you.

  4. Wow! Everything about this post is SWEET! You are a carbon copy of your mum. One would think she’s your elder sister. Well, she can be too!

    You are blessed, Prechy.

  5. Mother is indeed gold and you have the perfect picture of her painted with these words. Tribute to all our hardworking moms out there who worked so hard to mould us into the mothers we are today. Tribute to Precious’ Mother!

  6. Loved this. I could imagine all the scenarios you painted vividly. Nice that your grand father recognized her worth.
    Mothers are more precious than gold and the love of a good mother never wanes. Always quick to forgive, advise, help, and they love you till they die and their children always remain their baby. That bond of mother and child is God ordained indeed.

  7. She is more than adoptable. She is a typical example of what every mother should be and more…Happy mothers Day to your mom. She special and every mom is special in their own ways and rightfully so.
    Our mom.
    I will adopt her anytime if I could.But out of respect I will wait to see if she will accept to adopt me first….Her opinions counts

  8. Wowww read thtu it with smiles. Mother is gold for real. They say life didnt come with a manual but it came with a mother.

    1. I love that saying, Queenie! Life didn’t come with a manual but it came with a mother. Thank you, dear.