ways to show love to your husband

One of the best things you can do for your marriage is to make conscious efforts show love to your man. Here are 13 ways:

1. Wake him up with back rubs and kisses.
Don’t just wake up and go your way. Spend some time to rub his back and smooch. That way he wakes up feeling loved. How sweet!
P.S: The kisses must not necessarily be on his lips oo. In the morning the mouth might not always favour kissing due to the bacteria-related things that happen when the mouth is closed. You could lovingly plant French kisses on his cheeks and neck.
2. Pray with him and for him. Lovingly ask him if he has a minute. Then hold his hands and pray a sincere prayer for him and for your relationship.
3. Call him just to let him know that you are thinking of him and you love him. Don’t just call to remind him to grab some milk on his way back. Call to say I love you.
4. Watch his favourite TV show with him. Mr N likes watching some documentaries I find really weird. I don’t like watching them but once in a while, I’ll look at the screen for a few minutes and even make comments about the documentary.
5. Put his head on your laps and gently rub it while watching TV together. This is a little gesture that works wonders. (Read: 5 little ways to make a marriage stronger)

6. Look into his eyes for about ten seconds and smile. This look is worth a thousand words.
7. Have a shower together. We used to do this a lot when we just got married. We still do once in a while. It is a great way to bond.
8. Make some morning tea or coffee for him. I like making some green tea for my man in the morning. Always puts a smile on his face.
9. Don’t get angry when you have every right to be. 
The other day, I had like a very legitimate reason to be angry because Mr N came very late to pick the girls and I up from the library. I chose not to rant about it even though we had planned a pick up time together. Surprisingly, the skies didn’t fall. Some things just have to be let go so that the atmosphere of love is not disrupted. (Good reads: When you do not forgive your spouseDo not let the sun go down on your anger)
10. Flirt with him. Whisper things in his ears, hold his hands and give him spontaneous kisses. Even make him shy sometimes. He’s your man after all.
11.  Choose not to talk badly about him to others.

12. Encourage him with scripture. Tell him the things that are written in the word of God that will boost him. Be his cheerleader. Motivate him to love God more. This is one of the best things you can do for him because marriage points us to the bigger picture which is Christ’s relationship with the church.
13. Cook a special meal for him and set it up stylishly. Get some super awesome aperitive meal ideas here.
Do you know any other ways we can show love to our husbands? Please share below.
To marriages that last!



  1. Before marriage football wasn't my thing! But now if I have to go back to broadcasting I will gladly be a sports reporter thanks to marriage! Hussy feels really proud when I talk about his club players:-)

  2. Send him sweet text messages reminding him of how much you love him.

  3. Awww. I loved the prayer and the rubs part??Infact I loved everything. It's beautiful. I think the part about learning to let somethings slide, God has been teaching me in that aspect too. Though I'm not married, I just like to say my mind most times??but discernment is profitable. There's always time for everything and one should pick his/her battles wisely. xo!

  4. God has been teaching me that too, Itunu. Some things are just not worth it.
    Thank you for stopping by, dear.

  5. Wow! very beautiful piece there.Thanks Precious

  6. You're welcome, Kevina.

  7. Thank you Precious

  8. claudine efenge

    yes oh cheers to good marriages… we will be turning 15 this december

  9. claudine efenge

    give him a surprise when he least expects….i gave my hubby a 40th surprise bday dinner with his true friends from his childhood days and family, he still talks about it 6 years down the line.
    Pre.. another one call, pick your battles wisely
    and yes call him during, it keeps him in a good mood

  10. Wow 15 is awesome! Congrats sis!

  11. Thanks so much for these tips!
    That surprise bday must have been a lot of fun.
    Sweet wife, you are.

  12. You're welcome,love.

  13. This post is a wonderful reminder, Presh! Most couples become complacent after few years in marriage. Deliberately giving him a long French kiss can weaken his knees. Lol. http://www.bubusboulevard.com

  14. LOL that can certainly be knee-weakening. *wink*

  15. When i finally leave the singuu like a pringle life i would get to this haha..
    Great post!


  16. Hahaha the singuu like a pringle life? That expression is so funny!

  17. I am not married, but GREAT tips. I particularly liked #9.

  18. These are delightful and practical tips. I've been married going on 16 years and totally believe in doing these little things that add zing and flavour to the relationship. You've got a great blog.

  19. Thank you so much Jacqueline!
    16 years is a long time.
    May God continue to bless your marriage.

  20. Just taking down notes and I can only say to marriages that last.
    Get Hubby to write 13 ways for the wife 🙂 if possible.

  21. I love this. Prayer I believe is the most important and I need a lot of work for it to be my number 1. I am definitely working on number 9 as well as sometimes, I let my emotions get the best of me 🙁


  22. Prayer is definitely the ultimate. The Bible says we should pray for everything.
    Thanks for stopping by, Katrina.
    May God strengthen your marriage.

  23. Haha. Oya go and marry.

  24. Great idea, sis!
    To marriages that last indeed.

  25. I love your comment about not getting mad when you have every right to be! Usually when I let it go, my husband realizes that he goofed up and will apologize. If I get upset, he gets defensive. Like you said, sometimes just let it go! 🙂

    • So true, Claire! Sometimes he could get defensive when you get upset then you’ll get more upset because he’s defensive. It could quickly become a vicious circle. Thanks for stopping by, Claire.

  26. I can see that i have a lot to learn and do. God help me o cos i tend to get angry almost all the time he goes wrong and i can be like that for days until the anger in my heart comes down.

    • Roseline, I pray God helps you understand and control your anger. The Bible says anger is like a little madness. Sometimes when we stay angry, we give room to the devil. Some things are just not worth it. God bless you, dear.

  27. I suprised my husband once on a regular day by sendibg cupcakes to his office with inscription “I love you”

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