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Salads come in various forms and tastes. Some are bland and boring while some are tasty and tantalising. The ones I’m about to show you fit in the latter category. They are a great way to get nutrients into your body while enjoying the experience. Double win! Enjoy these simple salad recipes!

1. Pasta Salad

Whole wheat macaroni, veggies and a dressing made out of plain yogurt yet it tastes so good you’ll feel like you are having a regular pasta dish. I title the post, “This pasta salad will make you live longer” because that’s just what it is. A key to long life and salad happiness. Get the recipe HERE.

2. Cameroonian Salad

This is the way salad is done in Cameroon. Apart from the fact that it is visually appealing, the crunchiness of the veggies and creaminess of the dressing are to die for. Get the recipe HERE.

3. Coleslaw

When there’s a salad that even your toddler loves, then you know that salad is special. It is the perfect vegetable marriage of cabbage and carrots. Simple to make yet it creates a pleasant dining experience. This is a perfect side for barbecues or picnics. Get the recipe HERE.
This is fruit salad oozing with all the goodness from the tropics. It is so good, I want to eat a big bowl everyday. Easy breezy recipe HERE.

5. Avocado Salad

Ahhhh my most recently posted salad recipe. It is simple, crunchy and creamy. It is good for your waistline and good for your heart. Recipe HERE.
These simple salad recipes should get you making some delicious salads in no time.  If you plan on trying any of them, leave me a comment too. Enjoy your salads!
5 insanely delicious simple salad recipes! Every one of them tastes so good and they are so easy to make! #salads #saladrecipes #preciouscore



  1. I like the fruit salad and coleslaw better



  3. You're welcome sis.

  4. My best will have to be the fruit salad and avocado salad. I love avocado too much for my own good… yummy!! – http://www.mochaandfemme.com

  5. Avocado is simply phenomenal. Thanks for stopping by, Jamila!

  6. Yummy!They are all delicious and healthy..Welldone dearie.


  7. Love! Love! Love!

    I don't know how to make the avocado salad though.

    *off to the next post*

    Mira La Belle blog

  8. High five! I love when people move to the next post.

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  10. I love all of the them,they are yummy BT I hv problems making a grt Cameroonian salad cream

  11. Onyia Njideka

    So appetizing, i love them especially the fruit salad and the cabbage,carrot salad(the vegetable salad)

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  13. Hi Precious . Thanks for sharing your recipes. May God continue to bless you for that. I am one of your fans. I have tried a couple of your recipes and they came out perfect. I tried the macaroni salad it was perfect but I kept it in the fridge to eat it the following day but the taste was different. What should I do to revive the salad. I’m waiting. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Pamela, so sorry for the late reply.
      It must be frustrating that your salad turned out funny after you kept it in the fridge. Unfortunately, I can’t say why. Could it be the temperature of your fridge? That’s was it cold enough? Mine turns out just fine after I keep it. It’s hard for me to detect what went wrong with yours.

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  15. Okwogo Michael Muga

    Thanks for the Avocado Salad Recipe, I hope I will enjoy it tonight,

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