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I have heard one too many statements that suggest that men MUST cheat:
“Men, you can not trust them!”
“Man pikin na man pikin!”
“Na so all man dey.”
I have heard this over and over again from people who are firm believers in the concept that, “All men cheat.” All the people preaching this message I have a question for you: did you conduct a poll that involved ALL men? Did you sample ALL men? How then did you arrive at the conclusion that the ALL cheat? Brainwashing at it’s peak! Even when a woman comes out to say her husband doesn’t cheat, people laugh at her and say he has done a good job at hiding it.
So here is my question: do all men really cheat? Do men really have no control over testoterone? Are they so weak that they can’t zip up? Are they ‘wired’ to cheat?
This believe that “men must cheat” has led many women to accept their cheating husbands as their inevitable fate. Ha! What is our generation turning into? I know the devil really likes when this “men must cheat” gospel is preached because it downplays the value of marriage. And marriage is a very sacred institution. When a marriage is right, it is a great asset to the society. This is what the devil doesn’t like so he would fight it in various ways.
People have even succumbed to ‘lesser’ evils like, “if he cheats and still takes care of you, then you have a good man.” Wait… did the definition of GOOD change? What is good about about a man that fails to be loyal to his life partner?
Cheating is not inevitable. And no, not all men cheat. There are men who either because of personal choices or their relationship with God have chosen not to cheat. Simple. They exist.
If you are a single lady, hoping to get married, you need more than just a man that ‘fears God’. You need a man who has a healthy relationship with God and prioritises Him over everything. When you go and marry a man you met at the club, why will he not cheat? When you focus on outward appearance more than strong virtues in choosing a life partner you are on a loooooong thing. No matter how beautiful you are or how much you do ‘it’ in a day if the man wants to eat Ogbono outside, your skills wont stop him. Have you not seen some of the curviest, everything-in-the-right place women being cheated on? It takes more than well applied make up to keep a man from cheating. You need GOD. Build your marriage on GOD. Don’t only bring God in only when the marriage gets sour. What other foundation can be laid apart from Jesus? Stand on Christ, the solid rock from the word go. Hook up with a man that does same, not some swaggerlicious boy with trousers hanging down his butt. Na swagger go weather the storms?
And these men jumping upandan with wandering third legs, stop finding solace by saying men must cheat. Are you so dump that you can’t tell your third leg when it stay calm? Men of integrity don’t do that s#!^.
Everyone has the ability to exercise self-control. Let’s stop preaching this gospel of, “all men cheat” and polluting the future generation. It is a lie. By the way, women cheat too. Saaah!

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  1. No,not all. Those who lack self esteem do cheat. Such men are usually void of dignity and make ridicule of themselves and their spouses.

  2. I don't understand the all men cheat syndrome. I think it starts from the home sec. How women treat their sons. They protect and keep their daughters from promiscuity but with the sons, tey turn a blind eye, it is a normal thing. I pray we open our eyes sha.

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  3. If you have ever loved and know how to cherish others you won't even go there and if you believe in love, you would be able to believe that it is possible not to cheat. This in addition to the fear of God could, and would make us understand that the word cheat is foreign where there is love

  4. Well said, Angele. Trust should be the foundation of any relationship. It is sad how some women get into a relationship believing he man mush cheat. You deserve better!

    Lol upandan = up and down. Don't mind me. Thanks for your comment, dear. How body?

  5. Presh,u always have a way of making serious issues sound humorous. Jumping upandan. I firt thought it was a new word,then I got the humour. I don't think men must cheat or that all men cheat. I will never be in a relationship believing he will cheat and I stay there. I can't give any man such excuses. To be in a relationship u have to believe in each other and trust each other. If there is no trust there should not be any relationship

  6. Full stop for real. Cheating is unacceptable. It is sad how some women accept it and make excuses for the men. The one that pains me is when they go attacking the women their husbands cheated with then try to tame their husbands at home as though they are some wild animals with no control. Thanks for adding your voice to this, sis!

  7. Hahahahahaha walking upandan for real! LOOL that was hilarious. And yes, this gospel of all men cheat is what is giving those that cheat the carte blanche to do just that. When a woman refuses to deal with a cheating man because she deserves better, such men will cut the crap and get their act straight. But as long as this gospel gets preached, they won't. Never been a believer of this all men cheat gospel because I know quite a few many men who have nothing but love, respect and a deep sense of integrity for their spouses, for themselves and their God. I de with you not all men cheat and cheating is NOT acceptable, FULL STOP!