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I ‘did done’ (did wonders) during the weekend. My predicament started on Friday, when I had to attend a night vigil in honor of a friend’s deceased father. The host of the night vigil asked me to  make some Puff Puff and Beans to bring for the party, I mean, vigil. Sooo as I fried the Puff Puff, I ate wayyyy more than my waist line was happy with.

I eventually went to at the night vigil where all we had to do was sit down, listen to some music, talk and eat, then eat some more.I left that place like a fattened calf.

Then on Saturday, we attended a barbecue at a family friend’s house. There we ate meat straight off the grill. I had a minute of silence and thanked God that I did not succumb to that documentary that almost made me hate meat. Even though my meat eating habits have altered, I was glad to indulge in some ribs and soya/suya. I even learned a new trick for making the perfect soya and I can’t wait to try it out!

Then on Sunday, my friend and her family came over and let’s just say I ate some more. So my weekend had a lot of food, conversations and love in it. How was yours?

I woke up this morning to Labor Day here in the United States! I’m so glad that we get a day when we get to celebrate work. Like my high school principal used to say, “there is dignity in labor!”

I can’t think of anything more dignified than working. I mean, we were not made to lazy about. We were made to work. God made Adam and put him in a garden to care for it. We all need our gardens to care for.

Rest is better when we work. Enjoyment is better when we work. And when you have lovely food-filled weekends like the one I just had, you truly enjoy them more only if you spent the rest of your days working.

I’m so grateful for the chance to work.

But working is not always easy. On many days, when you wake up, there is that thing that tries to pull you away from your work. Have you experienced it before? I love how it is coined “the resistance” in this post.

I face the resistance on a lot of mornings when I don’t want to get out of bed, cook, teach my kids, make videos, sit in front of the computer or write. On some mornings I just want remain in bed or get out of bed and do other non-value-giving things like watch some really bad TV.

But I have to get up, get out of bed and go to work. Because that’s what I live for. I didn’t come into the world to be a couch potato and you didn’t either.

We are here to be productive. We are here to work. There is dignity in your work. So get up, get out and go to work, my friend.

Here’s wishing a very Happy Labor Day to you! May your days be filled with lots of meaningful work!

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  1. I love how you said watch some “really bad TV” not good TV like we usually say 🙂 You called it for what it is. Takes away valuable time. Happy Labor day Presh. And btw your waist line called me yday 😀

    1. I know right. TV could steal our valuable time. Happy belated Labor Day, hun!
      I know even though you committed some waistline sins, you will eat right, exercise and redeem yourself. I so want to be like you when I grow up. Thanks sweetie!

  2. There’s dignity in work indeed. I totally agree.
    We have Workers day over here, it’s in May though.
    Food eaten while cooking or preparing it somehow tastes awesome and you don’t really watch the quantity unlike if it’s in a plate. I somehow have a penchant for food just before it gets completely done, I don’t know why. Maybe cos I don’t like soft food although I will still come and eat out of the finished portion 😄.

    1. Yes dear, workers day in Cameroon is equally in May – May 1st. Hahaha your idea about eating food while cooking is hilarious! You can eat as much as you want without measuring the quantity. So true. Lol