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1. Food photography. When I started a blog, I didn’t think I would need to learn photography – all I wanted to do was write. But down the line, an awesome sister who runs a food blog told me about the need to step up my pictures. So I purchased a DSLR camera and since then, I’ve been taking lots of pictures. It’s been quite a learning curve for me and some days I feel like crying. But I’m loving it. How do you like the tangerines in the photo?

2. Toddler mischief. My 2-year old rubbed body cream all over her body when she got the chance to be in the room with no one watching. She looked like juju calabar (a masquerade) when I saw her.

toddler mischief

3. Pinterest. Is anyone here pinterested? Still trying to make it work for me. You can follow me here.

4. Cameroon needs our prayers. Anglophone Cameroonians are holding a ghost town today and tomorrow as part of protests against marginalisation. Please pray for God’s hand to be upon us. Coincidentally, today is Martin Luther King day. I love how non-violent his protests were. My prayer is that as we continue to fight for justice, our protests will be non-violent and we will choose love over hate.

5. Birthday things. My oldest turns six this week! I can’t believe I will soon be the mother of a six-year-old. How did my life fly this fast? I’m planning a photo shoot with all three girls. Any ideas?

6. Minimalism. That’s almost all I’m thinking off right now. I want to be completely free of every junk and clutter in my life. I am starting with my kitchen and the kinds of food I purchase and eat. I will put up a post about it tomorrow. I want to live light so that I can be more.

7. Giveaway! Because it’s the beginning of the year and I love you, I am giving away $50 (fifty dollars) to one amazing reader. If you could use some cash in your life, enter now. Entry is solely by commenting on this post. Leave a comment below telling us elaborately how you discovered this blog. The winner will be randomly selected and announced next Monday January 23, right here on this post.

Update on January 23

Giveaway winner: The winner is Dominika. Please send an email (using the email address you comment with) with your full names and location to

Live loved this week. ♥

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  1. I love love the tangerine shot girl! I guess I am late for this giveaway, I could use it for my camera project lol. Anyway, to the issue at hand, how did I find you? Honestly, I can’t remember, but Facebook most likely. Happy birthday to your Lil girl! 6 Years mothering! Congratulations sis

  2. I discovered your blog in an attempt to find Cameroonian food recipes to cook for my husband (a paysan from Bota Land) for his birthday. We visited his family in Camer last year and ate such wonderful food…I unfortunately didn’t really get a chance to learn how to cook it. Now that we are back in the US, it seems like an even more daunting task. I stumbled upon your blog and videos and use them to cook a delicious Cameroonian meal for him last week. I’m now a big fan and will be using it to practice Cameroonian recipes regularly. Thank you for helping me spice up my marriage (literally 😉 )

    1. Hi Melissa, I love how you call your husband a paysan!
      I feel so fulfilled being able to help.
      I love that last statement – so much.
      Thank you for sharing!

  3. I discovered your blog when you did a post on Firstladies. When my husband brought turkey home to prepare for thanksgiving, your blog was where I visited for the recipe . Sure enough you wrote back even when I asked for extra information , the turkey was perfect!!!. I have tried the baked eggs mixed with bread crumbs and vegetable.

    1. Hi Njea,
      So glad to hear about the success with the turkey! I would love to know how the baked egg turned out.
      Thanks for sharing!

  4. My goodness! The things kids do!!! Look at her face and her hands. Loool. The photography looked nice by the way. Dont worry, one step at a time darling! xo

    Congrats in advance to whoever wins the money.

  5. Lol. This is a beautiful post as always. You have a way with words . . . and photography!

    Well done, Precious Core. You know I love you. Right? *winks*