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What was I even thinking?

What was I doing?

Was I even sane?
After all the YouTube videos and Mary Kay practicals, I attended a traditional wedding on Saturday looking like Juju Calabar’s assistant. The irony is I made up the bride. Then when it came to my turn, calls were coming in saying we were late so I was in a mad rush.
I had planned to style my natural hair for the occasion but, many are the thoughts in a Mommy’s heart but mostly household responsibilities and the cares of life shall be established. (Proverbs 19: 21, Mommy’s Bible). I planned to put my hair natural up in a bun with a side bang. I bought some extension and gel to accomplish my plans. But when the time came, I didn’t even comb my hair! I took a scarf and simply tied it. There wasn’t even time to tie it stylishly. Ahhh.
I had planned to make my eyebrows fleekier than they have ever been. But when the time came, I asked my niece-in-law to fill them in for me. She kept scratching something on them and when I looked at the mirror, I confirmed that they were okay. They weren’t! A look at the pictures now make me so sad. The brows looked too thick, uneven and overdrawn. Totally a la non-fleek!
Again, I wrongly applied a gold-coloured cream eye-shadow on my eyelids. After applying it for two consecutive people and it looked great, I decided to put it on me. Mine completely went down south. It looked like ashes from a fireplace that were poured on my eye lids. I failed to blend it and it just looked like something that was carried and plastered on my face.

To top it all, my face was oily and  as though I rubbed banga oil on it. Isn’t this make-up from hell?

Now I’m thinking of all the guests at the wedding. What did they think of me? And to think that I was smiling all the time! Poorly applied makeup and smiles are not a good match. 
My people, that’s what’s up with me. Next time if I am in a hurry, I will:
– Leave my face as it is
-Only apply a lipstick or lip gloss
-NEVER ask someone to fill in my brows
Have you ever had a bad make-up experience? Let’s talk below.

P.S- The pictures containing the gory details of my make-up have been deleted by someone in my life who shall remain nameless.

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  1. LOL at you tore up the pictures from the event in anger. Who wants those kind of pictures in their life??? Chai na really "eye chadooo". The "shadow" left a long time ago.

  2. Looool!!! I'm so bad at makeup. Once when I applied foundation, my brother said I looked like Michael Jackson, as my face was so white. For a long time, my siblings kept calling me MJ. Hahahahaha.
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  3. hahahahahaa…Presh you have me laughing like mad in the office. The eye brows are not that bad jor. But this ur 'eye chadooo' na die…It happens like that sometimes. I had one experience when i went for an event some months ago. I tore up the pictures from the event in anger.

  4. Oh precious,only u can make me laugh this much.i have zero talent in makeup. The only painting i do is with crayola and finger paint with children because i work in preschool. I laughed more not because the makeup is as bad as u make it look but because of your choice of words and the description. U don't even need makeup. U are beautiful and precious. Thanks for the good laugh. Stay blessed

  5. Aww thanks for your sweet words. I am truly flattered!
    Lol at you only paint with crayola and finger painting.
    When painting the face goes wrong it can be really bad. Ha

  6. Haha Eyek, that has happened to me too a couple of times. I plan for something and do something totally different. Thank you for reading! Great to have you here.

  7. Lol!!I can confirm it is indeed makeup from hell.Anytime I know I might have to rush I stick to my quick get out of the house routine which I will post a video on soonish or I just go bare.It's better for me than looking like a masquerade.