Hello, everyone! My house is booming with my two granddaughters. Their names are Ella and Jura. Let me tell you about them.

Yesterday, both girls (Jura and Ella) visited the Mall of America for the very first time! They were so excited to see the mall. In fact, they had an interesting conversation in the car on their way there. Jura has been having bike rides with her mama and she is totally loving it. One of them even went to the playground the other day and had a good swing.
Sometimes, their mommies forget where they are but when they find them, they shower them with so much  love and attention. I just heard Jura’s mommy, who also happens to be my daughter (in case you missed that), gushing on how her hair is “so smooth”. And oh, their hair is always done. Sometimes their mommies go to their room and lock themselves in there. They will then comb their babies’ hair and decorate them with all sorts of accessories. These also take naps in special places like well-padded baskets. While they are asleep, I’m only allowed to speak in whispers. Any loud talking from me will supposedly wake the babies up.
Ella and Jura are a part of our lives and I can’t deny it. Meet them…
Ella AKA “Eh Eh”

Jura. Her mama says Jura means love

Besties for life
Jura belongs to girl number 1 while Ella belongs to girl number 2. They keep them really busy, which totally works for me!

In church, we learned about  the importance of being kind even when we are wronged. We looked at the story of King David who showed kindness even to people that wronged him. We were encouraged to go out and show kindness to someone in the next twenty-four hours. It could be a phone call, a quick text message or a heartfelt smile. Just do something that will make someone feel loved.
My week started well. I homeschooled, cooked, changed diapers and hosted playtime outside today.
Next month, August, I plan on sharing only very healthy recipes which are also delicious. So watch out for that! The last time I ate completely clean for one week, I lost a few pounds and I felt really good inside. I plan on doing that for a whole month this time and I’ll be sharing that journey with you in my kitchen and on my YouTube channel.
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Each morning this week, tell yourself “today is a good day for a good day” then go all out and make it a good day. No matter what happens, try to live each day as though it were your last.
That’s what’s up with me, friends. How are you doing?



  1. Hahaha. The title got me, because I was like ah ah, Precious doesn't have grown up kids now.
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  2. lol!!I was like Precious wants to play a trick on us abi?Only for it to be dolls.Grace pulls them apart so they never last.I'm looking for the perfect thing to keep her too busy she won't remember i'm home.

  3. Lol they used to pull theirs apart too. Surprisingly, these ones have lasted. I guess they are so in love with them.

  4. Hahaha I know right.

  5. Grandma Precious ah salut. You better not make noise when them grandotas are having their beauty sleep.

    Looking forward to the clean eating journey

    Goodness conquers all and melts hearts of stone.

  6. Lool. I was so confused initially. I was even thinking you were referring to your elder siblings grandchildren or something.
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  7. Hahaha ah tell you. Learning to keep my mouth shut.
    Thank you for always reading.

  8. Hahaha Olaa, they are my very own "grand babies".

  9. Hahahaha!
    I was really wondering. 2 granddaughters, how?
    Was expecting pets but these are just as precious 🙂

  10. They are soooo precious.
    You need to see the amount of care they receive.

  11. Nice one. I was already saying i did not know you were old enough to have grandkids. You have to take care of these dolls oh! My daughter is not yet fond of any dolls or teddies, i'll wait and see.

  12. Hahahaha…You got me here Precious. I was like grandaughters?

  13. Lol Tessy, tseems I got everyone with that.

  14. Perhaps she'll get used to with time. The first time my oldest daughter saw a doll she threw it and ran away. LOL

  15. Lol… You know I wondered to myself before opening this post. "Hmmm… which granddaughters? But Precious has young kids"

    Grand daughters o! You are a clown.

    I had a number of dolls as a child and I treated them like babies, plaiting their hair and bathing them. Sometimes even sewing clothes for them. Dolls give little girls a sense of responsibility. 🙂

  16. That sense of responsibility is huge oo. As I type now, they are somewhere making their babies hair. Totally works for me.

  17. Precious, you got me breathless for a second, with that I've been so busy, I've missed your posts. Trying to "binge-read" to catch up. lol. So many interesting topics. As for the dolls, my toddler's playpen is just filled with headless dolls. She basically admires it for a second,then rips it apart and saves the heads to plait their hair.

  18. This blog missed you for certain, Bubu!
    Lol at headless dolls. That's always the starting point before they graduate into caring without destroying.
    Happy "binge-reading", hun.

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