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Hey, friends! I’m all about the letter S this week.


I discovered a worship team on YouTube called “Tribe of Benjamin”. I think it’s the worship team of a church in Nigeria. Their singing is GOOD. I’ve been singing along and enjoying their worship sessions. I want to go live in that church.

Do you have any songs you thoroughly enjoy? Please share with me. I’m always hunting for good music.


It’s another week to educate the girls. I finished two big curriculum books last week and I want to celebrate. Soooo this week, we will be taking LOTS of field trips which means I actually have to wear real clothes and get out of the house. Ha.


I can’t wait for spring to happen. I want to breathe fresh air and see flowers blossom. Spring is my fave time of the year. Last year, I attempted to make a garden and… let’s just say it was a disaster. I’m not relenting. I will sow more seeds this year and ensure they grow. Keeping my fingers crossed. Affliction shall not arise the second time.


I’m looking forward to playing tennis when the weather is nice and warm again!


I’ve been enjoying my new favorite purple smoothie these days! It is so good! The post after this will be its recipe. Yum yum!


The blog was a tad quiet last week. I hope everyone is okay?? I didn’t see comments from a couple of usual commenters. Missing you.


I’ve been cooking a lot of this and the girls are not complaining. They love spaghetti omelettes without the added veggies, though. I even made a spaghetti pizza. Yum!


Lots of one-sided socks in this house. It’s like each time I do laundry, a group of socks go into hiding. Warrisalldis?

Southern Cameroon

I’m praying deeply for my country. Southern Cameroon is presently cut out of internet due to the crisis that began at the end of last year. We need God’s intervention. We need a solution.


I have a surprise for you. Yes, you. It will come in the form of a blog post tomorrow. Wait. For. It.

Okay, the last one is a Y.


For the past two weeks, I haven’t kept my promise of uploading a cooking video every Saturday. I’m so sorry about that. I had production difficulties that could not be handled on time. To make up for that, I uploaded a video last Wednesday and the views are awesome! Over 700 views already. This is all you! Thank you all so much for watching!

I will upload a new video this weekend. I am thinking of making Friday my video posting day rather than Saturday because keeping up with Saturdays has been hectic. We’ll see how this weekend goes. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, I’ll love you to do so. That way, you get notified about my videos as soon as they are published. Click here to subscribe. I have so many awesome videos in store for ya.

On that note I say, happy new week! Be determined to make it a good one.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7


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  1. Which one is sphaghetti pizza again…Looool
    I’ve had one sided socks stories too. Hehe. Sometimes I just wear socks of different colours. Keep your eyes on the socks so they don’t go missing anymore.
    Have fun! xx

    1. ??? that’s eh, with kids you will create all sorts. They actually like the “spaghetti pizza”. I just mix egg with boiled spaghetti and spread on a pan to set like an omelette. I flip sides and sprinkle some mozarella cheese. Then I cover and let it cook on low heat for a few minutes until cheese is melted. Viola, spaghetti pizza!
      About the socks, I hear mismatched socks are actually trendy. Lol

  2. I soooooooo love your blog posts expecially the purple smoothie, it looks yum. I’m gonna try it out soon.
    I’ll love you to listen to “My world needs You You”by Kirk Franklin ft Sarah Reeves, Tasha Cobbs and Tamela Mann.
    It’s more of a prayer. It’s been on repeat for days on my Music player. I hope you do like it.

  3. Hi precious u awesome a big muahhh muahh for u??? just love ur recipes they help me a lot .the only one that keeps on failing is puff puff.. I hv tried everything to have the round shape huhhhh … it’s always a disaster….lol

    1. Hi dear,
      Glad to hear about the success with the recipes. For the puff puff, have you tried using a tablespoon to scoop the batter and drop into the oil? You could also use an ice cream scoop to drop the batter into oil. Hopefully this helps.