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Thank you for coming in here to read! You have no idea how much your clicks motivate me to share these bits and pieces of my life. So here’s what’s up- this week has gone by so fast and I’m grateful for all I achieved as I waded through the waters of life. I started a Bible study with a group at my friend’s church and I’m just so happy to be able to make this commitment. I got missing on an outing when my GPS failed to work, I attended a ladies’ program at my church and I now have to warm food on the stove-top because my microwave is bad.

Here is the scoop:

I have always wanted to be a part of a Bible study group that can help me grow in my walk with God. So I decided to call my friend to ask about the Bible study in her church. It sounded favourable to me so I joined them on Tuesday to study the word of God. I’m so looking forward to subsequent meetings.

On Wednesday I had some errands to run so I went out with all three girls. After finishing my last errand, I discovered the maps application on my phone was no longer connecting to the internet. I was depending on that app to show me the way back to my house. I tried to trace my way back but I got lost and found myself in a city I have only read about online. I almost shed a tear. After trying to find my way on my own with no success, I stopped by a gas station to ask for directions. That’s how I was able to get home. Getting home has never felt so good!
In my church on Thursday, we had a meeting for women called, “The Table”. It was a time to meet other women and hear them share their experiences with the Lord. Everything in America is organised… even socialising. Think of the program as an organised time to socialise. It was great to hear other ladies share their experiences with the Lord. Thank God for my friend Jeena, who watched the girls for me so I could attend the edifying program. 
Then, my microwave has been bad for a while now and it’s just so annoying to have to heat food on the cooker. I lived most of my life without a microwave and part of it with no fireplace in the house. Why is the absence of a microwave such a big deal now??? Well, I can’t wait to make some microwave “puff” corn to enjoy on evenings like this when everyone is asleep and I’m having the time of my life.
In church on Sunday, we learned about “the elephant of entitlement”. We were taught that it is dangerous to feel entitled to what we have. We should be grateful for EVERYTHING. Even the air we breathe comes from God and we should be thankful for that. It is important to be thankful for what we have rather than focus on what we do not have. We were told that not all our wants are our needs… hmmm, tough one.
Well, that’s what’s up!

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  1. I went somewhere new involuntarily. It wasn't funny then but when I think of it now I smile. How are you doing dear?

  2. Pre pre Lost and found. Hehehe.
    Loled at "I tried to trace my way back but I got lost and found myself in a city I have only read about online".
    Lol. At least you have gone somewhere new.
    Thank God for the bible study.

  3. Yeah, I hv been coming to the realisation these days that we take a lot for granted and these are the things that usually keel us going. Like life, health etc.
    Grateful heart.
    ayandola.blogspot. com

  4. Yes Gloria, it really works. That's what helps me get to places I'm not familiar with. Thanks for stopping by, hun.