Winter is here.

The land is mantled with snow.

Life has slowed down.


The days have become shorter.

The nights, longer.

The cold intense.

The warmth so scarce.

Blankets, soups and teas

Are the things we need.

I took a short walk in my backyard.



All the trees have lost their leaves.


Only the pine trees remain unchanged.


Winter is here.

I didn’t want it to come

But it’s here and it will be here for some months.

All I have to do is make the most of the season.

To make the time inside quality time.

To understand that no winter lasts forever.

To remember that spring is imminent.

We couldn’t make it to church yesterday. The snow fall was heavy and driving would have been risky.

But I’ll share a little word with you: loosely hold all that is not eternal. Let your life have eternal value. Death is inevitable. You will die one day. I will die one day. Where will you spend eternity? Spend your days building treasures in heaven. Invest in the things that matter which are knowing God, fulfilling His purpose for your life, winning souls for Him. Loosely hold all that is not eternal.

As the year wraps up, be assured that He who keeps you NEVER slumbers or sleeps – Psalm 121:4. He’s got you.

I love you ♥pre-signature-pro


  1. Winter comes and go
    Same does spring, fall and autum. But Gid stays forever.
    Thanks Pre

  2. Love the message behind this!It’s amazing how much can change in a season.

  3. Nice words well put together. Our God is constant, His love never changes.
    Harmattan is here in naija, telling us xmas is coming soon. Morning sleep can b sweet this time eh!

  4. Loosely hold to that which is not eternal! #word!. Thanks for sharing dear

  5. Heya. But it looks so beautiful in the pic.
    Harmattan hasn’t shown face where I stay. There’s nothing beautiful about that Harmattan. Dust and more dust and cold. But not as cold as yours sha. The only good thing is clothes dry faster.
    Funny enough I don’t like cold. It makes my nose blocked and I keep sneezing or get pneumonia.

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  6. Beautiful, truly no winter lasts forever. Thanks for this reminder, we haven’t got snow yet but it’s freezing and it’s so foggy too.

  7. Beautiful post.

    I dream of bathing in snow someday. The sun is shinning in Nigeria oh!

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