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… but my friend just purchased a puppy and I had to visit her. Minutes before I left my house to get to hers she sent a picture of the puppy with a text that read, “Just a heads up. Yesterday we got a puppy. I just don’t want you to be surprised.”

New Puppy

You guys, this is that moment when you consider either sacrificing your friendship on the altar of the fear of dogs or braving it up like an adult and facing the dog.

I have never willingly gone close to a dog in my entire life. But this was me going to a house where I knew there was a dog and I kept gOing. I didn’t break the news to my girls until we were before my friend’s house. Then I announced, “Girls! There’s a puppy in Aunty J’s house!” My oldest was livid while my middle girl was elated (she has since overcome the mommy-induced fear of dogs and now actually LOVES dogs). Ha.

Off we went to my friend’s house where the puppy was hiding under the couch. Her kids brought it out and I drew closer slowwwwly after seeing that it wasn’t biting anybody.

It was reassuring for them to tell me that it’s teeth are still young and though it can bite on things, it doesn’t hurt. Sorry, it’s not an ‘it’. It’s a ‘her’. The puppy is a she and her name is August. And I can’t believe I am saying this but she is cute! This is actually one of those dogs I always admire from afar but NEVER go close to.

I was given a chance to bond with August. I carefully held her, making sure I kept her mouth as far from my skin as possible. Then I gently petted her. And I was glad that for the first time in my life, I came this close to a dog.

Teddy Bear Dog

Now does this mean I won’t run any more when I see my neighbor’s dog? Does it mean I will walk majestically to my house when I come back from grocery shopping and there are dogs outside (on the way to my door!)? Wait, does this mean I won’t even be terrified by the sound of a dog barking anymore?

I will only be able to answer these questions when once again I am face to face with a dog. I will see if I can live all the things I have been preaching to myself about me being a child of God and having dominion over all creatures. I will see if I won’t crack under the pressure of being face to face with a dog.

Now if only all the dogs in the world were like my friend’s dog! She is not as terrifying and her barking is faint. And though I jumped up and acted awkward a few times when she came near my feet, for the most part, I survived.

According to Mr. N, I only coped because this was not a ‘real dog’ but a puppy. #badbellepeople. LOL. But I’m so proud of myself. Let it go down in history that on Saturday October 7 2017, I Precious held a dog.

This is like the randomest post ever but I just had to get it out there that I held a dog! If I can do this with the intense embarrassing fear of dogs in my former life, then you can do anything.

What’s your situation with dogs? Love them? Hate them? Own them?

To further understand this post, read: I Need Deliverance From the Fear of Dogs.



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  1. Precious,
    Congratulation for overcoming the fear of dogs. I wish my wife could overcome the fear of ‘snakes’!
    Personally I don’t fear any animal. But I know some people do. A friend of mine offered me a couple of pythons some years ago. I was very happy about it. But when I told my wife, she was rather ready to leave the house than living with ‘snakes’. I did my best to convince her that pythons are not dangerous snakes, that actually they are not snakes. And her question was: “If they are not snakes why are they crawling like snakes?” Today, I’m still trying to convince her so that I can adopt a couple of pythons, but in vain.

    1. Hi Fassouma, I would definitely react the same way as your wife. I love being fearless but I can’t imagine living in the same house with pythons. Just the thought alone makes me shudder. Haha.
      It’s interesting to see how animal-loving other humans can be. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! This is a testimony oh. Even though it’s not a ‘real’ dog, it’s a great step holding a puppy! Prouda ya! 😀