1. Spring!

You guys, it’s my favourite time of the year. Brown lawns are turning green. The air feels so fresh and I was able to wear sandals and 3/4 jeans yesterday. After winter, which is my worse season, comes spring, my fave season. Such a reminder that the seasons must change no matter how bad and undesirable one season is. My goal is to take it all in and enjoy this season to its fullest!

2. Oh Baby!

My friend had a baby and I’m having a serious baby fever right now. I mean, babies are so cute, so precious. And when I see a baby, I want to have one. But then I remember pregnancy, sleepless nights and tears (no jokes!) Then I go like, “maybe I’ll just spend a lot of time visiting other people’s babies”. Ha.

3. Facebook Live

I did my second Facebook Live video yesterday while filming for YouTube. It was basically a behind-the-scenes video of how we shoot and all that stuff. I plan on doing more Facebook Live cooking videos so you know you can see what goes on in my kitchen at breakfast, lunch or dinner time. It is so much fun!

4. Overripe Plantain Situation

I fell in love with Mr N. again after he brought home bags and bags of plantain. I just love having plantains at home. The thing is the plantains have gotten ripe so fast! So now, I have so many overripe plantains waiting to be rescued. And I won’t throw any. I plan on making some plantain boats, plantain bread (just like banana bread), and even plantain pancakes. I’m actually excited about this overripe plantain situation.

5. Laundry Situation

While I wanted to rest this Sunday, that probably won’t be possible because I have a Mount Everest load of laundry to deal with. If I don’t, the girls might have no clean pants/trousers left to wear within the week. Ha.

6. Prayers

You guys, prayers are so powerful! I feel so blessed to be able to communicate with the creator of the universe, taking my worries to Him and letting Him lead me. May your prayer life be busy.

Have the best of weeks! ♥



  1. Hahahahaha @ visiting other people’s babies and Amen to a busy prayer life.

  2. May my prayer life be busy. Amen and Amen.
    Precious! Only you would be excited at overripe plantain situation ?.
    Your facebook Live sessions sounds like so much fun.
    Congrats to your friend.

  3. Amen to the busy prayer life. Enjoy the spring Precious,here in Nigeria I always feel so happy and relieved after the harmattan season as it is my worst season. Stay blessed and my love to the family.

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