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My Facebook News Feed is one of the most interesting places on the planet! That’s why I had to consciously battle social media addiction. Because oh man, when I am Facebook, I need no movie! It is easy to scroll away for a full hour without even noticing the passage of time. There is drama, there is laughter, there is shock, and all sorts of things in between. Some people are downright funny and others are… well, quirky. People like:

1. The ghosts. They never comment on or “like” anything but they are there lurking and watching. They are our official monitoring spirits. I fear who no fear wuna.

2. The daddy in the Lord’s daughters. They are in love with their daddy in the Lord. Agape love, I mean. They can’t stop gushing about how awesome their daddy in the Lord, their papas and their prophets are. They believe their church (denomination) is the best in the world and they pity those of us who do not attend it. Ha.

3. The consistent posters. They post on Facebook all the time. Like their posts are always in your face. Then you begin to wonder: do they have a life? Do they sleep? Do they eat?

4. The couple in love. They are a couple and they haven’t put a ring on it yet but they keep taking pictures together in gorgeous outfits, all smiles.

5. The distributors of blessings. All you need to do is type “Amen” and the blessings they proclaim will be yours.

6. The imaginary celebrities. These ones are celebrities in their head. They are mostly “CEOs” of the companies they founded and run single-handedly. They are always “busy” hence they hardly respond to comments on their posts because they don’t even get to see them (in their fantasy world).

7. The self-lovers. They post their photo, like their own photo and comment first on their own photo. Their motto is “man love thyself”.

8. The fighters of haters. These ones are so successful that they have many haters. They are always quarreling with their haters on their wall. They keep posting things like: “when they go low, we go high”

9. The Facebook-as-Twitter users. They should be on Twitter but for some reason, they missed their way and landed on Facebook. They are always posting one-liners and two-liners. Like always! Brother, don’t you know about Twitter?

The strange and funny people on my Facebook News Feed

So those are some of the people I ‘see’ when I open my Facebook. Now your Turn: what kinds of interesting people are on your Facebook or other social media News Feed?

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  1. This cracked me up big time. So very true I get so lost on facebook, just going through my news feed. May God safe us from social media.

  2. Lmho! I was laughing at each type of people until I got to #6. Lol. #lips sealed#

    I’d choose Twitter over Facebook tho.

  3. You forgot the activists and the politicians lol.
    These are so my news feed people.
    Social Media has really changed the way we see people and the world at large.
    It has it all the good, bad and ugly.
    Love the post made me smile.

    1. Oh my, the activitists are not joking. They have taken upon themselves to keep us updated.
      Thanks sis!

  4. Hahahahahaha! Precious this is so funny.the quirky people I see on my facebook feed are: The business advertisers who post things like “I lost 250 pounds through this site, click on the link below”, the pastors who keep Advertising their church, The self-proclaimed celebs who keep posting their every minute pictures such as food pictures,good or bad, their recent clothes etc. The hatchtaggers,they just hatchtag everything mistaking facebook for instagram. So I just wonder if some people on facebook have missed road.

    1. Lol at the hashtaggers! They have definitely “missed road”.
      I don’t know but I find the self-proclaimed celebs very interesting. Lol

  5. Yay!!!!!!!!! I won the $$ ***puts on cheesy smile***.
    Many thanks Precious. Hmmm…so me sef fit win giveaway somtin? Lol. I ‘sha’ will be sending the email sharply hehe. Thanks again Precious Core; really appreciate the kind gesture.

    Now to the topic, Facebook certainly has the good, bad and ugly. I totally agree with you about how one loses sense of how much time has been spent browsing on that platform. Currently working on spending ONLY scheduled time browsing there – so help me God. Haha. The thing dey just carry person head go. Now, I understand that everyone is free to use their social media accounts as they wish; and I try as much as i can to respect peoples’ rights to their choices of what they do/post. The one thing that has piqued my interest lately is the “self lovers”(Re:Your no. 7). Some are borderline narcissistic, but how man go do? It’s indeed a free world; different strokes for different folks 🙂

    1. Looool you sef fit win. So glad to be able to put a smile in your face! I got your email and will contact you soon.
      I love what you said about the world being a free one. How man go really do? We must learn to live with each other as diverse as we are.

  6. Haha I love this. A good friend of mine is the consistent poster and sometimes I’m like, “You post so often!!!!”

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

  7. Hahahaha. This post is very funny, I was actually looking for that number 8, people with imaginary haters, cos when you look at them,you see nothing to hate.
    I partially belong to number 1, I hardly comment or post pix, I like people’s post and pix occasionally but I’m not a monitoring spirit, I don’t have that luxury of time to do so.
    I’m more of a BBM person, there you have people changing dp every hour, and updating us about their lives every minute.
    Social media is a very interesting community, with different people and characters.