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Dear readers of Precious Core,

I hope all is well with you in this season of your life. I am really feeling thankful because I celebrate three years of blogging today! Whoop! On the 13th of February 2014, I published my first blog post.

At the time, I was only about 4 months old in the United States. I had two kids under 4 and a new environment to deal with. Somehow in the midst of it all, I created this blog.

I began publishing posts but I was very irregular. I completely stopped blogging at some point when I was pregnant with my last baby. I only picked up blogging again, months after I birthed my sweet little one. That was in May 2015. Since then I have consistently written my heart out in this space that I share with you.

This blog has been a wonderful therapy for me. It took me from being an overwhelmed stay-at-home mom to being a very fulfilled stay-at-home mom. It gave me sanity. It is because of this blog that I am able to homeschool my kids. Because of this blog, I know I will die empty. The books in me must be written, the videos must be made, the talks must be given. Each day here takes me closer to fulfilling destiny. What a sweet feeling!

But you know what? It won’t be all that if I didn’t have YOU. I am so grateful for you. Specifically for:

  • Engaging on this blog from day 1, reading and offering me feedback
  • Sending me emails, Facebook messages, post requests, constructive criticism/corrections or messages just to say hi
  • My blogger friends who have been a huge encouragement to me, always checking my blog and inspiring me with their support and comments
  • Commenting on the blog. Because your comments make this space lively, interactive and I have learned so much from them!
  • Sharing about this blog with your friends and family
  • Following me on social media and liking/sharing/commenting on my posts

All of these have been wonderfully motivating to me. Thank you so much!

Here are the blog stats so far…

Facebook: 7,029 fans

YouTube: 1415 subscribers

Email subscribers: 1, 618

Instagram: 660 followers

Twitter: 121 followers

This is all you! Thank you so much for letting me share the ink from my pen and the steam from my pot with you.

As I continue on this awesome blogging journey, I would like to make a few changes. Here they are:

  1. No more, “Here’s What’s Up”. This weekly Monday slot that mostly recounted my previous week or just random happy thoughts was fun while it lasted. I have written it for over a year! I would like to switch things up a little bit and keep Monday mornings for a “pen-speaking” post. Now, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t gist you if there’s something up. I definitely will write that in my diary but it won’t necessarily be on Monday morning.
  2. Fridays are for videos. Before now, I chose to upload a new video and publish the complimenting recipe post on Saturday mornings but it has been tough keeping up with that. I’ll like to move that to Friday instead so I get that done before it’s Saturday.

That’s it for the changes!

Now the Giveaway!

I sincerely wish I could give something to every one of you to show how grateful I am. On the last giveaway, I really wanted every person who entered to get $50 but I’m not that rich O woman. As the ministry grows I will give more because share I must.

Today I am giving away $50 to a reader in any part of the world. To enter, leave a comment below telling us why you visit this blog. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced next Monday.

Let’s get commenting!

P.S. Because today is special, I am moving the next part of my “minimalism series” to next Tuesday.pre-signature-pro


  1. Hi Precious
    Happy Blog anniversary
    Three years is not three days; You have really come a long way
    I love your blog because you are down to earth and reading your blog is like talking to you in person.
    It’s easy to relate to your posts. I remember the night I found your blog, I read almost all your posts and it helped me build my confidence and express myself freely on my blog.
    You have been and are still an inspiration to me because you keep discovering better ways to blog and bring good information to people.
    All the best in the years to come, my dear
    God Bless


  2. I visit mainly for the food recipes lol. I miss ‘pays’ food….A LOT! I also particularly like how you ‘giste’ lol. It adequately feeds my appetite for ‘gbeborun’…hehe! Your writing style is very relatable and it always feels like i’m sitting accross the table from you while ‘listening to you talk’ lol. Keep doing you ma’am! Cheers to greater heights. God bless! #OkBye 🙂

  3. Happy blog anniversary Precious,I trust God that you have been fine. I have missed this blog and I’m so glad I finally passed out of NYSC camp,it feels good to be back. *Clears throat*to the giveaway, I love visiting this blog because of your realistic writings, your experiences and lessons,your candid inspirations, your finger licking,yummy,potilicious food recipes. I have visited other inspiration and food blogs but when I discovered your blog on ChiChi live blog my heart leaped for joy because I found solace,advice and lessons in the writings on your blog. 50 dollars would help me bring my blog design dream to a reality and I would be so greatful if I Win the giveaway. Cheers to many more ink sizzling blog post.God bless you abundantly.

  4. I just love how genuine your blog is and that’s why i click immediately i sight it in my mail..
    Stay blessed

  5. Happy blog Anniversary Preé. I bumped into this blog sometime in 2015 after seeing a reference to it from facebook. And honestly this is not to make you feel high. But for the first time i met a cameroonian blog with original content and worthy of every little bit of time. Having been glued to Nigerian blogs and vlogs for the last six years. Precious core ushered something totally different. You honest articles coming from the heart and oooh the millions of recipes. This days if i have anything in mind i just search here and there we go. Please continuing doing what you are doing. Its strange to know you’ve just been around for 3 years. I must say you are doing a good job. Sometimes am too lazy to comment. But trust me you are one of a kind. Infact you are my Cameroonian Stelladimokokorkus. Continue with your original content. It makes a difference. Kudos

  6. * your honest
    * continue doing

  7. Congrats on your blogiversary Sis! You’re so inspiring! Totally wishing you many many more years of success! Just celebrated one year so I can imagine how you’ve been at this for three years! God bless!

  8. Hi precious congratulations and wishing continuous progressive blogging.

  9. Happy blog anniversary! You are doing such a good job.I found out about your blog on Facebook after someone liked a post on it and from that day I have been visiting your blog.I love your food post and videos being someone who loves cooking and trying out new recipes.
    BTW I tried out your frittata recipe for dinner last night and my hubby loveddddd it.
    Wish you all the best and many more blogging years to come!
    Happy Valentine’s day

  10. be choose you na lopers de fo start dis place ern 🙂
    Happy blogiversary sis. Three years is not bonbon oh. I can’t remember how I came here but I think it was on a linked on Camer Bloggers. Something about the title quipprd my interest and I got glued. I love the originality the down to earthness and the love and dedication that goes with any post. A far cry from the copy paste kind of blogs around. I have learnt alot. Missed this space alot but hope to be back soon.

    More more manyanga to your fingertips and yout pots.
    Much love

  11. Happy Anniversary Precious dearie!!
    God’s blessings.

  12. you are so awesome and humble. thanks for all the foodies. Blessing to your entire family and to your pots!!

  13. Olaitan Bobade

    Happy Blogiversary Precious! You already know how much I enjoy your posts from the comments I leave lol. I think I found your blog from a comment you left on another. Many more years to come.
    Okay, so I’m entering the giveaway with faith.
    I visit Precious Core because it’s your core. Lol, I kid. I visit because your posts are super relatable and there’s something about the way you write that puts your personality into it. Your blog is a prototype lifestyle blog-food, faith, relationship/marriage, parenting, life in itself. Your faith posts are so inspiring and like I said once, you keep it real! And your food posts are amazing, you made my yam porridge game to come back stronger and better. Bottomline is that your posts are not abstract and you make Christianity sweet. Many more beautiful posts and years. Amen. xx
    P.S : My Favourite on the blog has to be the minimalist series.

  14. Hi Precious,
    I came across your blog through SDK blog and has been one of you fan but hardly comment. I am also on the list of email and you tube subscriber. I visit your blog because you make cooking very simple and fun. I downloaded your Eru soup and peanut burger snack from you tube some days ago and was wowed on easy and simple it is to make peanut burger.
    Happy Anniversary

  15. Hi Madam Precious, it’s not been long since i started reading your blogs but i must confess that they have been quiet inspiring and encouraging. I am so glad i found them, i just wish to encourage u to write more. i wish u the very best and more inspiration from the our God of all wisdom. More powers to your elbow in Jesus name, keep doing the good work. Thank u so much

  16. Happy anniversary Precious!!! Wishing you many more beautiful blogging years. You’ve come so far and you’ll go far by God’s grace 😀
    Your blog is amazing like that! Sometimes in traffic, your posts sitting in my email are my go to. Your food posts are too tempting though. *rolls eyes.

  17. You also have a heartwarming and humble way of writing. xx

  18. Congratulations Ma’am. I totally share in your joy and celebrate with you. Cheers to better and better contents, many ‘good and supportive followers and subscribers’, strength, more wisdom, insight most of all direction. May God bless you and all that is yours. Amen.
    I stumbled across your blog 3 weeks or a month ago, you posted “the minimalist wardrobe”; sincerely I was awed that I had to comment(which is practically unlike me)and then for every new post, I just loved on them. You are a relatable,inspirational, humble, versatile and God-loving blogger; I do admire you. I pray you never lose your focus, and when I summon the courage to start blogging, I’ll really love you to mentor ‘moi’.
    Thanks for your inspiring posts.
    Thanks for your yummy recipes.
    Thanks for being you.
    All the best ma’am.

    • Amen, amen and amen!
      Thanks so much, Tosan!
      About blogging – just start and allow yourself to grow. Please send me a link when you begin your blog.
      Hope to see more of you, dear.

  19. Happy Blogiversary!! Lol.
    I love this blog because your recipes are so easy to follow and quick to make and the foods retain their traditional aspect.
    You are articulate, give simple directions and you make everyone feel like they can do it.
    I finally succeeded at 4 recipes I previously failed at. Keep up with the good work. Much love!! Q

  20. Happy bloggervesary Precious! It warms my heart to see how happy and fulfilled your blog makes you, that’s amazing. I read your blog because I get a very comfy vibe from your posts and you as a person. You come across as very sweet and warm and I admire that. Here’s to more years of blogging success! xx

  21. Happy blog-anniversary Presh! You’ve come a long way and God is indeed taking you even farther. I stumbled upon your blog by chance and was captivated by some of your motivational posts. Then came the recipes & ive not stopped reading your posts. The fact that your posts are realistic & straight from the heart making your blog even more adorable. The skill is for the world to benefit from, thanks for putting it to use. Congrats dear

  22. Congrats Precious, three years is no joke. Thank God for the joy this blog has brought to you. I wish you all the best with your blogging career and many more exciting opportunities. I have actually been sharing your blog with friends haha. All the best!

  23. Congratulations on this feat sister. I celebrate your passion. I stumbled on the blog from SDK and I have since glued. I majorly read because the contents you shared is of personal interest to me since they are mostly faith-laced. I love the marriage and single series more too because I get to learn a lot from them being a single guy that I am. May God continue to be with you, encourage you and bless the work of your hands. Amen….

  24. Oluwatobi Daniel

    I am just seeing this post now I have been busy. I love your work and the spiritual aspect of the blog.
    I first saw your writeup on Bella naija. That was when I fall in love with your writings. I love the marital aspect and the spiritual aspect more. They always encourage and set me on the right part especially in the marrital aspect

    You are really a gift and inspiration ti me and sure to others.

    Thank God for your blog.

  25. Congrats on your three years anniversary.
    Thanks for your heartwarming, genuinely helpful, amazing posts. Thanks for sharing your life and family with us. Thanks for all those amazing recipes, for being wonderful and warm and encouraging.

  26. Happy blog anniversary Precious!
    Three years no be beans.
    Your style is different, faith based and interesting.
    Kudos to Mr N for allowing you to fly.
    Keep soaring higher dear. Love you.

  27. Praise the Lord somebody!!!
    I can see my comment there.
    Lemme quickly run to other posts.

  28. Congratulations!! You are so warm and relatable in your writing. Three years of producing great content is amazing, more grace for the years to come xx

    Do hygiene right

  29. I learnt how to cook because of you. Before I didn’t know how to cook and then I saw your website and then tried making Ndole and jellof rice. My mum was very amazed she said my cooking skills were amazing. Thanks to you now I really know how to cook and I will like to keep on trying to do my best.

    I was born in Cameroon but I leave now in Norway. Before I found your website I search all over the Internet for how to make achu, jollof rice and so on but no other website could help me even African bites. Your website really shows what African ingredients you need like magi and I thought it was really really helpful thank you very much.

    • Veronique, your comment totally made my day. I feel so blessed, learning how much this blog has helped your cooking. Thank you so much for typing these words.

  30. Njinju Nelsa

    Hi Ma’am happy blog anniv.. dunno if i’m late but well…i rarely comment on ur post but trust me i always leave a like and copy all you “recipes”! Coz thats what really attracts me to ur blog. I remeber the 1st recipe i copied was Perpersoup chiken, and oh my Gosh it was a sucess!! hihihiii..thanks! The steps and manner in which you present them are so easy and real!! “i be camair babe oh” so i trust all those precious delicacies you present!! hhmmmm i just want to say more grace, courage and success in both your blogging and your lovely family!! Salut Mr N! for me ohh… hahah

    • Hahaha you are so sweet!
      Thank you Nelsa!
      I’m glad you came out of your non-commenting shell.
      Happy to hear about the chicken pepper soup!
      All the best, dear.

  31. Just a few days away from Precious Core and it’s already threes years. Wow! Congratulations ma’m. You are one of the most inspiring bloggers I know. Keep doing you.

    I know how much sweat and tears go into each post. God bless the work of your hands. 




    You are such an inspiration to me. I was actually looking on how to start blogging while I am home with my little ones to keep me out of stress. You have really inspired me. Thanks so much for your pen and your voice that is creating an inpact. Remain blessed.

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