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Dear readers of Precious Core,

I hope all is well with you in this season of your life. I am really feeling thankful because I celebrate three years of blogging today! Whoop! On the 13th of February 2014, I published my first blog post.

At the time, I was only about 4 months old in the United States. I had two kids under 4 and a new environment to deal with. Somehow in the midst of it all, I created this blog.

I began publishing posts but I was very irregular. I completely stopped blogging at some point when I was pregnant with my last baby. I only picked up blogging again, months after I birthed my sweet little one. That was in May 2015. Since then I have consistently written my heart out in this space that I share with you.

This blog has been a wonderful therapy for me. It took me from being an overwhelmed stay-at-home mom to being a very fulfilled stay-at-home mom. It gave me sanity. It is because of this blog that I am able to homeschool my kids. Because of this blog, I know I will die empty. The books in me must be written, the videos must be made, the talks must be given. Each day here takes me closer to fulfilling destiny. What a sweet feeling!

But you know what? It won’t be all that if I didn’t have YOU. I am so grateful for you. Specifically for:

  • Engaging on this blog from day 1, reading and offering me feedback
  • Sending me emails, Facebook messages, post requests, constructive criticism/corrections or messages just to say hi
  • My blogger friends who have been a huge encouragement to me, always checking my blog and inspiring me with their support and comments
  • Commenting on the blog. Because your comments make this space lively, interactive and I have learned so much from them!
  • Sharing about this blog with your friends and family
  • Following me on social media and liking/sharing/commenting on my posts

All of these have been wonderfully motivating to me. Thank you so much!

Here are the blog stats so far…

Facebook: 7,029 fans

YouTube: 1415 subscribers

Email subscribers: 1, 618

Instagram: 660 followers

Twitter: 121 followers

This is all you! Thank you so much for letting me share the ink from my pen and the steam from my pot with you.

As I continue on this awesome blogging journey, I would like to make a few changes. Here they are:

  1. No more, “Here’s What’s Up”. This weekly Monday slot that mostly recounted my previous week or just random happy thoughts was fun while it lasted. I have written it for over a year! I would like to switch things up a little bit and keep Monday mornings for a “pen-speaking” post. Now, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t gist you if there’s something up. I definitely will write that in my diary but it won’t necessarily be on Monday morning.
  2. Fridays are for videos. Before now, I chose to upload a new video and publish the complimenting recipe post on Saturday mornings but it has been tough keeping up with that. I’ll like to move that to Friday instead so I get that done before it’s Saturday.

That’s it for the changes!

Now the Giveaway!

I sincerely wish I could give something to every one of you to show how grateful I am. On the last giveaway, I really wanted every person who entered to get $50 but I’m not that rich O woman. As the ministry grows I will give more because share I must.

Today I am giving away $50 to a reader in any part of the world. To enter, leave a comment below telling us why you visit this blog. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced next Monday.

Let’s get commenting!

P.S. Because today is special, I am moving the next part of my “minimalism series” to next Tuesday.

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Welcome to my core! I am Precious Nkeih, the recipe developer and writer right here on my blog, Precious Core. My goal is to show you insanely delicious recipes you can replicate in your kitchen. And I love to tell stories too. Hope you find recipes here that will make cooking easier for you! Check me out on YouTube at

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  1. Just a few days away from Precious Core and it’s already threes years. Wow! Congratulations ma’m. You are one of the most inspiring bloggers I know. Keep doing you.

    I know how much sweat and tears go into each post. God bless the work of your hands. 

  2. You are such an inspiration to me. I was actually looking on how to start blogging while I am home with my little ones to keep me out of stress. You have really inspired me. Thanks so much for your pen and your voice that is creating an inpact. Remain blessed.