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You guys, I made my very first vlog! Drum roll and hand clapping, please. I have been wanting to show you guys how I shop for a really long time. So I was finally able to do so. Boo to procrastination! If you read the blog regularly, you know I love the Farmer’s Market! In it, I totally feel at home because I even get to bargain (‘beat price’ or ‘price market’ haha).

The farmer’s market in Saint Paul here in Minnesota has vegetables you will never believe you can find in America. Things like garden egg (called “Njakatu” in Cameroon), garden huckleberry (Njama Njama), pumpkin leaves and lots of fresh herbs.

They even have fresh corn, I mean the hard fresh corn you can find in Africa which is very different from the soft American corn. I love it!

At some point, we get fresh groundnuts (peanuts) too! That’s not in the vlog because the groundnuts haven’t been harvested yet. Maybe when we have groundnuts I will do another vlog.

I totally enjoyed the vlogging process though I was a little shy. I felt a little weird shopping and talking into the camera at the market. But it was enjoyable.

First vlog

My sweetheart Mr. N filmed me. I don’t know why I said “our ministries don’t match” when he wanted to marry me. Mr. N has been so supportive of the things I do. He did an excellent job capturing me shopping with the girls and he did it passionately. It was a fun first-time experience. An ice cream sun even showed up so we could get ice cream for the girls to cool off from the scorching hot sun. You’ll have to watch for yourself to see how it all went down.

Hope you enjoy watching and if you’ll like to see me make more vlogs, please let me know below.

Watch my first vlog ever:

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

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  1. Precious, this bring back good old memories. We used to sell in the St. Paul market every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, a lot of hard work! We had stopped selling in the St. Paul market for a few years now. We have our customer call to pre order and get the fresh cut from the farm, same day. By doing this way, the vegetables stays fresh and more convenient for the customer and us. Customer don’t need to wait for the market to open, but in their own time of the week. We grow Huckleberry (Njama Njama), Bitter Leaves, pumpkin leaves, and Water greens.

    1. Hi Pam, hope I knew you while I was in Minnesota. I could have been ordering from you! Thanks for sharing such sweet memories.

  2. I have checked at amazon to buy the huckleberry seeds to grow but there are many variety, not sure exactly which one to buy. Do you have any idea where one can buy the seeds online. I want the country njamajama( huckleberry), okonghongbong, and anchair seeds. Would be grateful if u know where one can order online and the names. Not sure where the Chinese people who grow it buy the seeds from. Thanks

    1. Hi Kelsey, I don’t think you can get any of the seeds online. I will try to ask the Hmong people where they got theirs when next I go shopping over the weekend. Then I’ll give you feedback. Have a nice day, dear.

      1. Just want to find out if you got any info. on where one can buy the huckleberry seeds from the Hmong people. Thank you!! I want the seeds so badly to grow after this winter.

      2. Hi Kelsey, sorry for the late response. I didn’t meet the Njama Njama farmers anymore as they were finished. However, I may be able to get some seeds from a fellow Cameroonian, Perhaps you should email your address so if I succeed in getting the seeds I’ll mail them to you.