Hey lovelies, I had a really eventful week! 
First I went to the library here for the first time! I love books so this is really a big deal for me. My girls participated in a story time session, which they really enjoyed. I looked through the various sections and I was able to find a book by a woman I really love, Ree Drummond.

Also, I went to a summer fair in my community. It is a fair where different activities that will take place in the summer are showcased. I got to learn so much and made some new contacts. Girl number one had the time of her life, bouncing in a bouncing house.

I had a hair weekend with the girls. I had to undo their old braids, wash and braid again!

They went from this:

To this:

Girl number 1 sang in her preschool’s church. It is her last presentation for the year.
I have already gisted you about my healthy eating challenge here and here.
I’m looking forward to this week.
How are you you doing?


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