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First, if you are seeing this then you are most likely a loyal reader so thank you very much! I’ll feel really sad if I write and no one reads (ha!) Seriously, I appreciate your clicks. Please keep the clicks (and comments (and shares, ehen!) coming.

Last weekend, I worked with a grill for the first time. The very first time! The only time I used a grill before then was when I’ll DIY my mother’s old pot by filling it with charcoal and placing a tattered rack from our firewood kitchen on it. I’ll then grill some fish on it and share with my siblings. Ahhh the good ole days!
So I went for a picnic that marked the start-up of summer events for the Cameroonian community here. One man was supposed to be grilling hot dogs but he forgot the first batch and they got burnt. I drew his attention to them and since he was busy, he asked that I take over grilling the hot dogs.

I totally enjoyed seeing the hot dogs grill and flipping them. It was even more enjoyable when people started pouring in for them. I’m totally getting a grill soon. With it, I’ll grill all the  grillables. I plan on making my own smoked fish, kati kati chicken and smoked meat.

In other news I’m all about eternity these days. I think just constantly reminding myself that there is a life after helps me live differently. No need sweating over things that are temporal. Ha!

How about you? How did last week go?

“Set your heart on things above, not on things below.”

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  1. Now I want some hotdogs. @Precious, congratulations, your blog is really beautiful and loads fast.

  2. What's George Foreman? Let me run off to Google to find out. Lol
    Thank you for stopping by, Sasha!

  3. I love you Nedoux! Hope to see more of you here often.

    Some weeks ago, my pastor told us in church that some things are just not worth the struggle. We need to let go and focus on the one thing that matters, which is the fact that we are here to prepare for eternity.

    Thanks for stopping by, sweetie!

  4. I was wondering where you had been. Seemed like you hadn't blogged in a few days. I've actually never handled a grill from start to finish (except a mini disposable grill). But totally looking forward to getting my own grill son in a big backyard!

    And yes, good to think about eternity – makes us focus on the more important things.
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  5. Hi Precious,

    I've never used an outdoor grill before. Ah, now I want a delicious hot dog. Lol

    I love the perspective that you've shared, the realisation that our time on earth is only temporary should make us treat each other with more love and understanding.

    Life is too short for all this global palava- political wars, religious wars etc. We were created for a greater purpose than that. 🙂

  6. Thanks for checking, Kachee! I've had a few slow blogging days plus my computer is dysfunctional . Thanks hun!
    I have a small backyard which I'm eternally grateful for but a larger one would be funnnn. Thinking of eternity just keeps me on my toes. How are you, hun?