Cameroonian Street Food (VIDEO)

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Cameroonian Street Food is food for the soul. Here are some of my favorite Cameroonian Street Foods: incredibly flavorful Beef Soya and fluffy Puff Puff. They will make your mouth water! And I am showing you how to easily recreate them at home!

Hand grabbing a stic of beef soya from a platter of beef soya

Making Street Food At Home

For those who don’t know, I am from Cameroon. I miss home so much! I miss my family, my friends and most especially I miss the food!

So I decided to recreate some of my favorite Cameroonian Street Foods at home. It was quite an experience!

Woman basting skewered meat on the grill - Cameroonian Street Food

We feasted on mouth-watering Puff Puff.

Woman holding basket of puff puff - Cameroonian Street Food

We devoured smoky spicy pieces of meat off skewers. And at the end of the day, I was a happy girl!

Woman holding platter of skewered grilled meat

My brother in Cameroon was so kind and took actual videos and pictures of people making Puff Puff and Soya in Cameroon. Thank you, Des!

Woman frying Puff Puff
Woman frying Puff Puff in Cameroon

I may not be on Cameroonian soil right now but when I make authentic Cameroonian food, I feel connected to home. Food is powerful.

Skewered beef on a grill

Puff Puff

Puff Puff is the quintessential West African street food. Every country has its version of this simple fluffy doughnut.

If you would love to experience West Africa at home, you should definitely try Puff Puff. It is ridiculously easy to make and so tasty especially when eaten warm. You must try it!

Puff Puff on a white tray.

How To Make Puff Puff

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After making Puff Puff countless times in the past 10 years, let me teach you how to make the perfect Puff Puff. This West African snack will be your new favorite. Fluffy, slightly sweet, great flavor and the perfect breakfast or appetizer. Don't miss the recipe video.
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Puff Puff and Beans

One common combination that is sold on the streets in Cameroon is Puff Puff and beans! So good!

Puff puff and beans on a plate

Beef Soya

Beef Soya is beef that is grilled over a flame on the street. Sometimes it is skewered, sometimes it is not.

Whether skewered or not, Soya is irresisitibly good: smoky, spicy tender pieces of beef!

It can be made in the oven or on the grill. The perfect recipe to make during grilling season.

cameroonian soya West African kebabs

Beef Suya Recipe

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This spicy grilled meat is the ultimate African street food! It is called soya, suya or kebab.
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Soya/Suya Spice

Soya spice is a dry rub that goes on Beef Soya. How it is made is not common knowledge. But after lots of research I developed a Suya Spice recipe that is quite close to the real deal.

Soya Spice also goes great with chicken! It is one seasoning to make and keep in your kitchen for grilling needs!

Suya spice on a wooden spoon.

Homemade Suya Spice

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How to make the spice blend for a popular West African street food – roadside grilled meat.
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Watch How To Make Cameroonian Street Food

Watch me making Cameroonian Street Food in the video below. Don’t miss the shots of street food being made in Cameroon! Also, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you do not miss any of my videos.


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  1. My Sister I Love You.
    Thank You for making some of us Home Sick and feeling special. I Love all the menu’s, missed my Ekwan.
    How can I have some achu?

    Stay blessed and hope visiting your restaurant someday..

    You are unique!

    Love Your Menu.

  2. I enjoy reading your information on Cameroonian recipes! My husband and I with our two little girls lived in Cameroon for almost 3 years as missionaries and we loved the street food ….beignet et haricots…. . ah it takes me back to read your site. Merci pour partage les recettes!