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Good morning, my neighbours! Shouldn’t the world be talking about the awesomeness of fried ripe plantains aka dodo? I read a ‘quote’ which stipulated that perhaps the greatest moment in history was when a slice of ripe plantain touched hot oil. Do you agree with that? Anyways, I wanted to write down what the past week looked like for me because I recently learned something called writing a done list. This is such a motivating thing to do. Here we go:

Monday: Wrote and published three blog posts and felt like dying. No jokes. Why? Because this weird thing I’m writing now called “Here’s What’s Up” must show up here every Monday. Secondly, I have been working hard to publish a new recipe every Monday so I  put up my ah-mazing yogurt cake recipe. However, my first recipe for this week will fall on Tuesday because ‘body nobi fayawood’. And thirdly, last Monday was World Diabetes Day so I wrote a list post to tie in with the event.

Tuesday: Took the girls out to the Mall of America for another field trip. I also rounded up my four-week series for the single ladies.

Wednesday: Cooked, baked, and took food photos for the blog. I baked an apple pie for the first time!

Thursday: Published this video on YouTube and Facebook. Thanks for all the love!

Friday: My whole roast chicken recipe made its appearance here. If you are thinking of how to make the perfect flavourful bird that will bring some culinary stardom into your life in this season of celebration then you may want to check that out.

Saturday: At home all day, entering one room to the next and not knowing what I had accomplished at the end of the day apart from rocking my crying toddler to sleep. Wait, this is a done list. I actually drove 30 minutes to rescue Mr N after he got locked out by his car. It brought a much needed rush of adrenaline as my day was feeling bleh.

Sunday: Church: we learned about the importance of keeping your hands up, using Moses as an example. When the children of Israel were in battle with the Amalekites, each time Moses kept his hands up,they won. But when he kept his hands down, they began to lose. Such a great reminder that to make it through, we must keep our hands up. This means praying without ceasing. This means never giving up on prayer even when it feels like God is not listening. This also means having people that can pray with you and nuturing your relationship with them. I love church!

Also attended a baby shower on Sunday and did some brief grocery shopping thereafter before returning home to collapse.

That’s what the last 7 days looked like for me. This week, in addition to my regular blogging, homeschooling, cooking and eating, I will be visiting two new moms and filming for YouTube. Talking about YouTube, I will publish a cooking video this Saturday. Whoop! I’ll be putting up the video trailer on my Facebook page within the week then the full video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel on Saturday. So stay tuned.

That’s what’s up with me, my friends. Thanks for letting me share.

What are your plans for the week?


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  1. These plantains are looking for my trouble o .Precious dear you really had a busy week.
    My plans for the week…hmmm, tomorrow being Tuesday i have two clients that are coming over for skin treatment and over the weekend i have a wedding of which i’m the bridal makeup artist and the cake maker as well. i will start baking the cake on Thursday ‘cos it is going to be six pans with an intricate design.

    How to arrange your wardrobe for quick and easy dressing

    1. When you bake that cake please share photos with us oo. Didn’t know you are into cakes. All the best with this weeks’ plans dear. Thank you for stopping by!

    1. As your spirit leads? I thrive on routines but I try to keep it flexible so my work doesn’t feel forced. Have an awesome new week, Jess!

  2. Sometimes I just go with the flow but a done list is very important.
    Was a busy week. So you ended up being Guinevere to your Sir Galahad as you
    went on a rescue mission of a gent in distress 🙂
    Nice recap. Will be checking Utube for the video.

  3. Lol super ripe fried plantain should probably be one of the best things that has happened to we foodies all over, I totally agree.
    It’s just Wednesday and I cannot wait for the weekend, my week has been too busy (though I’m not even sure why, when that one would be fully packed too!)
    Plus talking about fully loaded, we’re moving back to where I has most of my childhood and I’m really excited even if it’s not to the same house 🙂
    Happy mid week, darling!

    1. Glad to hear from you, IMA!
      The ripe plantain is so spectacular and definitely one of the best things that happened to us. All the best with your move, dear.

  4. Love how Sunday went for you. The message on hands up being referred to as praying without ceasing is apt. My take home.

    This week has been leaving me with too many choices to choose from. Making a decision can be hard. See why I like your Sunday’s post? 🙂

    1. Hahaha that quote is so epic!
      Bubu, it is only by the grace of God, sis. One thing that is really helping me these days is waking up much earlier before the kids so I can get a lot of work done before they are up. The mornings really help with productivity!