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Enjoying goodies from the farmer’s market. I love how shopping there makes me feel close to nature. In this season, I am cooking lots of Irish Potatoesvegetables and making fresh juice out of beets and carrots. God placed Adam and Eve in a garden to eat plants. While I am no vegetarian, I totally appreciate the goodness that is in plants so I’ll be enjoying all these fresh things before the season is over.

Staying home all day in really “funny” clothes and praying that no one knocks on my door. I could literally stay indoors for hours without end and not be bothered. However, I need to put an effort into changing into suitable clothes so I don’t grab an awkward blanket and wrap around me when there is that unexpected loud compelling knock.
Trying to stop myself from cooking too much. I’m really obsessed with putting things in a pot. While I’m happy when there is enough for everyone to eat, sometimes I just need to turn off the flames and go put my legs up and watch Mercy Johnson mending shoes in the movie, “Caro the Shoemaker”.
Enjoying the goodness of extra virgin coconut oil. I DIYed a detangler for my natural hair using coconut oil as one of the ingredients. It works perfectly for my hair! All my hair matting troubles are now history. I also used coconut oil to take off my make-up and it was puuuurfect! Again, I made my own body exfoliating scrub using coconut oil, sugar and freshly squeezed lime juice. You guessed the results right. PERFECT. It is thrilling to know that apart from the many things that can be cooked with coconut, it is also a beauty hack. I’ll be loving this fruit for the rest of my life.

Taking a “contri chop” challenge. On my Facebook food group for Cameroonian foodies, we are taking a challenge to celebrate Cameroonian “contri chop” (traditional meals.) We are simply posting pictures of our food and writing our posts in pidgin. Interesting and fun! I love how food brings people together. It is more than just filling your tummy. It is about a heritage, memories and long-lasting connections.
Wondering whether girl number is an angel or a person. I have actually wondered about this a couple of times. On her own, she swept the living room and basement for me and asked me to take a look. When I took a look and appreciated her, she said, “You see, you have all these girls so you don’t have to do all these things on your own.” She’s 5. But then again, she’s no angel. I just disciplined her for bouncing on her bed after several warnings. But then again, where does she get all these ideas from?
Reading a book by Jen Hatmaker called 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. It is a book that teaches one to cut down excess in seven areas of your life. Some of these areas are, food, clothing and stress. I’m so excited to take on this walk with Jen. Sometimes we harbour a lot of things we do not need. We need to lay aside every weight and sin and run this race properly.
Thinking about eternity. Last night, we watched the movie, Heaven is for real, which is based on a true life story. It recounts a four year old boy’s experience of heaven while he was undergoing surgery in the hospital. The one thing that touched me in the movie was how even Christians doubted if heaven was a mere concept or reality. Minus the boy’s story, the Bible tells us so much about heaven. It is a highly avoided topic because,saying heaven is real means hell is real and many do not want to hear about it. This is all due to fear and uncertainty. The fear that we may not make heaven. My friend, live each day of your life thinking about the life hereafter. It helps one live life better! It is better to be scared and go to heaven than to be bold and go to hell.

Wondering if you are reading my blog for the first time. If you are, I am so happy you are here. Thanks for visiting and please leave me a note below so I know you came. I would love to meet you!

Reflecting on the sermon preached in church on Sunday. We were taught to be patient and not live life in a hurry. Are you in a waiting season? Perhaps, God is trying to work out something in you by letting you wait. Don’t just sit there and wait. Waiting is hard when all you do is wait. Go to God, let Him direct you on what you should do in this season of waiting. May the peace of God fill your heart. That peace that surpasses all understanding will keep you.

I wish you a week filled with so much hope and happiness than you can ever imagine. Always remember that God loves you with a love that is unshakable, unfailing and everlasting.



  1. I so love your here's what's up posts!

  2. Aww this was good to read. I enjoyed it. I'm guilty of wearing "funny" clothes at home too, and rushing into the shower when I hear a knock. Looool @watch Mercy Johnson. sis, put your feet up sometimes. You deserve it.
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  3. Puuurfect!Lol. You got me here..I love cooking and staying at home all day. I love me some smothie and coconut too Lol. BTW when are you inviting me to Cameroon to enjoy all those fresh fruits and veggies with you? **smiles**

  4. Awww thanks, sweetie.

  5. That makes us two! That invitation to Cameroon will happen very soon. Girls can dream, right?

  6. That makes us two! That invitation to Cameroon will happen very soon. Girls can dream, right?

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed the read, Kachee.
    This week, I'll be doing a lot of 'putting feet up'… hopefully.

  8. Your love for everything coconut shines through now and again. I can see why it is proving to be a multipurpose fruit. The marks of a true lady in girl number one. Enjoy the vege season sis and just enjoy the funny clothes and legs up now and then.
    What's up posts getting interesting. Enjoying the contri chop challenge too.

  9. Sis, coconut is ah-mazingggg. Taste is on point. Benefits are endless. They are a staple for me right now.
    About girl number one, thanks dear. Sometimes I refer to her as "old woman" because of her lady-like ways.
    I'm totally enjoying the veggies season. As for the funny clothes, I have one on now. Let me go and change oo.

  10. I can't wait to see "Heaven Is For Real." I've heard such good things. A Christian movie I loved was "God's Not Dead." I totally recommend you check it out if you haven't seen it yet; it tells a wonderful story 🙂

    Edye |

  11. I've heard good things about, "God's Not Dead." I'll check it out.
    Thanks Edye!

  12. Woot woot! We have a flea market close by where this lady, Carmelita, sells veggies and fruits and I enjoy going there.

    As per "dressing down" it's so easy to do it and relaxing but we should remember to put in some effort every now and again. Like about once a week I decide I'm wearing makeup 😀

    The contri chop challenge sounds like fun!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  13. Hahahaha @ "dressing down"! I'm putting in some effort this week. The makeup once a week sounds good.

    The challenge is a whole lot of fun!

  14. I love reading from you. What can I say???

  15. Awww, thank you for always reading!

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