I grew up drinking this natural tea, (known as “Fever Grass” in Cameroon) mostly when there was no money for milk and ovaltine. Today, I drink it because I looooove the flavour. It also has great benefits for the body. Fever Grass is mostly known as Lemon Grass in other parts of the world.

Fever grass
Drinking this aids in digestion, helps insomnia and helps in detoxification. I usually buy a lot at the farmers’ market in the summer then I chop and package in sandwich bags and freeze. Right now, I only have a bag left in  my freezer. *wipes tears* This drink is my non-guilty pleasure!
This is not really a recipe for this because making this is so easy to make. You just need to chop the leaves and dump them into a pot/kettle with water and boil. In some cultures, the leaves are not boiled but rather infused in boiled water.
You can sweeten with sugar or honey and drink. I prefer drinking mine plain. Other things you can add to your fever grass tea include fresh ginger and lemon.
Some people use this to improve the flavour of soups and stews. I am yet to explore that side of the lovely plant. Right now, I’m sticking to my tea.



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  2. Jang Kizito

    I’ve followed you closely and I must say you make your culinary adventure look and sound like a Hollywood movie – always on point ,succinct and ready to explore new horizons.
    Your recipes are original with the perfect Cameroonian touch and I can perceive their aroma right from the comfort of my home.
    Keep up with your marvelous works and ensue consistency to keep your audience always thirsty for your new adventures.

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  6. I am from Cameroon and I leave in the US how can I get some Fever grass

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