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My people, the meeting finally took place so now my ears can rest from, “is the meeting today???” I had quite a busy weekend, preparing to host the traditional meeting, which comprises of people from a particular area called Ndop in the North West region of Cameroon where Mr N comes from. It was equally a time of pure joy for me because I love to cook and feed people.

Prior to cooking, I did some shopping on Saturday. The picture you see above was taken at the farmers’ market here in Minnesota.The traders there are a group of Asians known as the Hmongs and it looks just like the markets back home. I just had to remove my phone and snap. Who would have thought that there are markets like that in America? I bought sugarcane from fruit and vegetable section there!

For the meeting, I chose not to make a lot of food this time because I always go overboard with making varieties. Then I always have a broken body to deal with thereafter. I decided to keep it simple. Here are some pics, taken with my phone.


Fufu Corn was first on the menu. This fufu made out of ground corn is a must-have for the meeting because that’s the traditional meal of the villages in Ndop.

Then I made some bitterleaf cooked with egusi and some fish to be eaten with the fufu.


Then there was some smoked chicken cooked in palm oil, which is a Cameroonian delicacy called Khati Khati. This thing is insanely delicious.



I equally made some Coconut Fried Rice because rice must be involved somehow!

Large pan of coconut fried rice.

Then there was this grilled-on-charcoal chicken which turned out a little too charred than I had wanted. But they tasted so good so I let them go on the table.


I also grilled some well-spiced mackerel fish in the oven. These babies were just too good. And I love their sizes, because one person could grab a full one and enjoy.


A great friend of mine came over to assist me with all the cooking. We were going to do fruit salad last after setting the table and arranging everything. And voila, one of the meeting attendees stepped in with this gigantic bowl of fruit salad. We quickly put away the fruits for our intended fruit salad. How timely!

I think I was staggering when I took this pic!

Oh and I always forgot to tell you about these balls of goodness known as gateau in Cameroon. So addicting!


We also had some killer pepper sauce on the side.

In all, it was a pleasant experience having familiar people come over. The girls were so excited especially as they had some friends to play with.

In other news, today October 31st 2016 is Halloween, which means witchcraft is being celebrated here. You can see what I mean from these photos I took last year. For those reasons, I don’t let my kids participate.

In more news, a new month begins tomorrow! Here is wishing you all the best in the month of November. May you live every day as though it were your last. Go forth and enjoy a phenomenal week!


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  1. But babe!!! Why are you doing this?? Are you a chef or considering to become one in the nearest future? My goodness, you are a pro! Maybe I just need to come and eat so I’ll know for sure Haha.

    And this, ‘In other news, today October 31st 2016 is Halloween, which means witchcraft is being celebrated here.’ You were so blunt about it and it was really funny. Sigh. It’s the world so I don’t expect any less. Many of them celebrate things that are obviously contrary to God’s word in the Bible. I pray more and more people come to see the light, as His word says,, gross darkness covered the earth but we children of the Kingdom will shine bright till He comes.
    Enjoy! xo

    1. Aww that’s flattering. I’m just a girl who likes to cook.
      Till He comes we’ll keep seeing these things that are clearly contrary to the word. May God help us hold on to what is right.

  2. OMG, so much food! Thank God I just ate or else I’d be hungry.

    You know Halloween is also known as All Hallow’s Eve, and in some countries, people go to church to pray over their dearly departed loved ones? From what I read, that may have been the origin of Halloween, not witchcraft as you say.

    1. I know right??? So much food!
      Didn’t know about All Hallow’s Eve. The kinds of “decor” and costumes used here to celebrate Halloween don’t look like good things to me. Ha. Ghosts, bloodshed, skeletons, graves and witches are not things that should be celebrated, in my opinion. But that’s the world.

  3. Seeing these pictures got me wondering – Does she have a househelp or something? Glad your friend came by to help. I see a lot of work behind the food. Well done.

    Now you can rest. Lol. 

  4. The fried rice, the grilled chcken and the fruits are so inviting.
    You got me laughing at witcraft is being celebrated. I know you are talking from experience being an African who has lived in Africa and seen this ugly events of people who engage in such.


    1. I know right, Bren?
      When you’ve lived in Africa you just can’t have “fun” with these things.
      Thanks and happy new month to you too!

  5. See yummy looking foods everywhere! Well done Precious, you really tried. Thank God the meeting went well.
    Happy new month everyone, it’s our month of good tidings in Jesus’ name.

  6. That was a lot of cooking dear! wow, I will leave my mouth on this blog to do justice to food especially the grilled fish. Finally, you don’t owe your girls any answer:-)

  7. These loook yummy! And I’m looking at them at the wrongest time because I’m starving right now! That fried rice – gosh. Made some at the weekend and had it for lunch as well. Fitfam won’t let me eat too much. And I thought those were puff puff!! || Bloglovin’!
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