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1. Cakes! Last week, we had a #cakes challenge in my Facebook food group. We inspired others by sharing pictures of the cakes we baked at home. I also published a video on how to make the perfect plain cake and this post that contains 10 cake recipes on this blog! I have baked too many cakes in my life.

2. My Facebook page. It is GROWING. I’m at almost 5000 likes at the time of writing this post! Thanks to everyone who has liked my page. You guys are the best!!

3. Precious Kitchen on Youtube has reached over 800 subscribers! I’m so humbled by all this growth, friends. There is nothing like doing what you truly enjoy and being able to inspire others. I’m just in awe of the fact that many people get inspired by the stuff I write and the food I cook (and my weirdness).

4. Christmas! It is in 6 days. What plans do you have? Last year, I was pretty sure of what I wanted to do on Christmas day but this year I am Lord, grant me direction.

5. Snow. It is everywhere! After returning from church on Sunday morning, I felt like I never ever want to go anywhere again till the snow and its twin brother, cold vanish. Going out these days is not funny at all.

6. New hairdo. I had my hair done on Saturday after a loooong time of managing life with my natural hair, wigs and everything in between. It is crochet braids and you’ll see me rocking my new hair in my next video on YouTube.

7. First flat tire. On my way back from doing my hair I had my very first flat tire. Alone. In the cold. On the snowy slippery road. I was so frustrated. And I cried. No, I’m not joking.

8. My grand daughters. This thing is so serious oo. Now their little mommies who happen to be my daughters want new clothes and beds, and feeding accessories for them.

9. A new book for moms. I just read a little of the book, Being Mom (affil link) by Dr. Nicoline Ambe and it is totally giving me life. It is about how to raise your kids without regrets. I intend to devour every bit of it.

10. Manger things. We rounded up our series captioned “Manger Things” in church. All the happenings that happened at Jesus’ birth were astonishing. Imagine a virgin conceiving. Imagine shepherds seeing an angel appear to them. Imagine a host of angels singing in the heavens. These are all real things that happened and they are nothing short of marveling. May we not lose that feeling of awe when we think about the greatness of our God.

He can bypass logic to heal you. He can bypass logic to make you whole. He can bypass logic to grant you every one of your needs. He is the God that never changes. He still works miracles and He can do that for you.

God bless you!

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  1. hi, you are a great cook and all your recipes are dope. Love everything about you.
    Thumps up to you.
    Merry christmas.

  2. Thank God for the growths here and there, you are definitely going places.
    Pls send some cold here to us in Lagos, the heat is killing mheeen!
    Christmas in the air, im still trusting God for inspiration as well, but I’m sure gonna bake.
    Grandma Precious, enjoy your week!

    1. Bola, I used to say I prefer cold to heat but now eh, I’m not sure anymore what I prefer.
      Much needed inspiration is coming your way… soon!
      Have a great week too dear. No be small tin oo. I don turn grandma just like that.

  3. Your hair! Lovely.

    I need to conquer the fear I have of my oven and get baking!

    Congrats on the increases on your social media platforms

  4. Oh! I have major hair envy. This next year, by hair must grow by fire.
    Congrats on the Facebook likes and youtube subscribers. It is the Lord’s doing and it’s great in our eyes. So much growth within a short period. Really amazing.
    And I agree. It’s great and fulfilling doing what one loves and inspiring others too. If there’s anything I have learnt from you, it’s that hard work ( and grace) pays.
    So how did you now get the tyre fixed?

    1. Thanks darling!!
      May your hair – your crown of beauty grow greatly in 2017.
      So much growth indeed. It’s the result of a whole lot of Jesus and HARD work. Thanks so much for being part of this journey!
      Mr N had to come change the tyre for me. Such a relief!

  5. Hi Precious,first of all your hair is so gorgeousss. You are an amazing cook and I can’t stop stalking your blog since I discovered it.your recipes are worth trying out and your talent and passion are worth appreciating.You are blessed.

    1. Dominika, thank you dear.
      Thanks for your sweet words.
      Thanks for taking out time to drop a comment.
      Have a blessed week!