crochet braids tutorial

My five-year-old told me the other day: "Mummy, I have an idea for you! How about you make a video of you doing our hair? Your website is full of only cooking!" Ha! I didn't know she had noticed the content of this blog. Kids notice everything! She has been seriously urging me to make a hair video and a "day in the life" video. While I'm yet to get to that, I can at least share a hair pictorial. One step at a time, right?

I've been seeing so much about crochet braids online so I decided to give it a try because it looked really easy. I wasn't disappointed. It is so easy and the braids are beautiful. Crochet braids are hair extensions that are crocheted into your hair with a latch hook tool known as the crochet hook. I did the style on both older girls. It totally works for me because I do not have to spend hours on one head. #Mommydaughtertroubles. If a hair novice like me could do it, then you can too, my friend.


Chicken and Mushroom Stir Fry

This is the stir fry recipe of your dreams. After seeing Mr N eat this and glow, I could wait to share it with you. It is:

  • Easy
  • Fresh
  • Natural (in the words of the chief taster, Mr N)
  • Crispy
  • Flavourful
  • Healthy
Without further ado, let us look at what you'll need:


All about the vagina

Hello from this side of the world where I just came home from the doctor's office with a painful leg. Yesterday and today have been bad leg days for me. There is this piercing pain in my right leg that has kept me from walking properly. Some medication was prescribed for me and I'm so hoping that the pain subsides soon. I couldn't wait to come talk to you about the vagina.

Yes, the vagina.

It exists. Somewhere beneath your waist, if you are a woman.When I was growing up, I was hardly taught about the vagina. Apart from some vague biology lessons and stern warnings (telling me it was a no-go area), I barely knew much about this part of my body. And that affected my wedding night.
I think this is the first time I'll be talking about the vagina on this blog. Wait... I talked about it when I spoke about my first childbirth story. Oh and I equally mentioned when I spoke about the day blood came out of my hoo-ha. But today, I just want us to examine all about this part of the body unashamedly. I want us to leave a legacy for the young girl out there who wants to learn about her body in a safe place. I want to create content that I can point my daughters to at the right time. So let's take a look at the vagina/veejay/hoo-ha/hoo-hoo/va-jay-jay or whatever (nice-sounding) name you call it.


Jollof rice recipes for World Jollof Rice Day

Whaaaaat? Today is World Jollof Rice Day?? And I, the queen of Jollof has not blogged about Jollof??? With all the Jollof treasures that are embedded in this blog, I just can't let this day go by without giving you a Jollof treat.

Jollof Rice is the quintessential meal in a lot of African countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. Each country cooks it slightly differently but one thing is we all adore Jollof! Ever heard the saying, "a party without Jollof is a meeting?" Well, the presence of Jollof rice is what makes a party a party. This one-pot meal consisting of rice cooked with choice ingredients and spices is simply heaven on a plate.

Today August 22 is celebrated as World Jollof Rice Day all over the world! I don't even know who started this #worldjollofriceday but who am I not to join in this worthy celebration? I think there should be an international holiday for Jollof Rice so folks can stay home, eat and drool over the wonders of this meal.

I have put together 5 unique Jollof Rice recipes for you. Your Jollof life will never be the same again after you try these recipes. (That's a lot of Jollof in one blog post intro!) Let's dive in!


First, homeschooling is going on well. The kids have learned so much, we have bonded more with them and all the pencils in our house are short of erasers. I thought we had more than enough pencils until we started homeschooling. But guess what? I'm getting more comfortable with this journey. It's a crazy good one.

Secondly, I am stuffing my tummy with all the fresh corn and groundnuts (peanuts) it can take. Mr N came home with a BIG bag of corn on Friday. I peeled some and dumped into the pot for boiling. I started eating as soon as it was done, while it was still hot... and I haven't looked back since then. Same with the groundnuts. The fresh groundnuts that taste EXACTLY like the one back home came into my life on Saturday morning. I almost don't want to leave my house because of the presence of this epic duo. I love you corn and groundnuts. I love you, Mr N. *Takes a huge bite off the cob*


Cornchaff Recipe|

When I was in boarding school, we were served Cornchaff a couple of times every damn week. Today, I make it almost every week because this dish is a delectable delight of creamy goodness emanating from corn and beans slowly simmered in BIG flavours. Errm, excuse my French.

This is so easy to make. I think I use the word "easy" a lot when it comes to recipes but that's because a lot of the meals I show you are EASY. Cornchaff is basically just that kind of one-pot, dump-and-go recipes and you guys know I love to dump things in a pot and go away.

I've had an interesting Cornchaff-making journey since I moved to the United States. 


Fresh from the womb

There were three of us in the rustic labour room. The bed at one end of the room was occupied by a lady whose own meaning of labour seemed to have changed to leisure. Though she carried an exceptional protruding tummy that looked like her baby was going to drop out any second, she was not producing the typical cacophonous sounds expectant women produce when they are on the verge of delivery. She tightly covered herself with a blanket and slept for long hours, only waking up to take bathroom breaks.


how to grill a big fish

Guys, I'm all about the fish these days. Fish to me is simply phenomenal... especially when it is grilled... especially when it is properly seasoned... especially when... Never mind! For our wedding anniversary last week, Mr N bought a BIG fish so we could grill on our grill.

Grill on our grill.

How does that sound? Grill on our grill? Never mind!

A really big fish looks great on the dinner table. You could use this to impress your guests or impress your mouth. Whoever you are trying to impress, you must make sure your fish is cooked properly. Never ever take a super big fish and place straight onto the grill. That's a recipe for disaster. 

The fish is too thick and can't be cooked properly solely by the direct heat from the grill. You'll need to wrap it first in foil and cook before placing directly on the grill, which is exactly what I did. I took photos of the process and I'm sharing with you guys so if you ever want to grill a really big fish, you know which way to go. Let's dive in!


ways to show love to your husband

One of the best things you can do for your marriage is to make conscious efforts show love to your man. Here are 13 ways:


I had this Frittata  for breakfast yesterday. Mr. N and I literally fought over it because we both wanted the bigger share. This is a really simple dish that any person can make. It consists of eggs, onions, tomato and any other veggies you have on hand. It is a great way to use up left overs. I planned on making it with predominantly spinach but the spinach I had in my fridge was checking out. So I went for the other vegetables I had: coloured bell peppers, cilantro and green onions.