5 Epic Ice Cream Recipes by Precious Nkeih


And welcome to today's episode of Ice Creams Are The Best.

You can also call this episode, "Precious doesn't want the summer to end" because the summer already ended but I'm yet to realise/accept that. There shall be ice creams and popsicles together with me in love. Summer or no summer. And we shall lick and enjoy like there's no tomorrow. Is there anyone on this page with me?

Let me tell you my ice cream story. Whenever I tried to make ice cream years ago, the ice will be very present and the cream will be conspicuously absent. I always ended up with cold blocks of something that was far, far away from ice cream.

But today, my girls and Mr. N think I am the ice cream star of the moment. We give ice creams in the store the side look because mama knows how to whip up something much creamier, healthier and heartwarming. I am here to share my ice cream "secrets" with you. Making your own ice cream is easier than you think.


How To Have the Perfect Marriage

Picture this: a man and a woman dancing salsa on stage. Their dance steps are flawless. They are in complete unison. Their moves are so elegant and in sync. They are simply a pleasure to look at. Does this kind of perfection on the dance floor happen overnight?

The answer is a resounding NO!

It takes several hours of practice. It takes blood, sweat and tears. It takes making mistakes, correcting them, falling, rising again and all sorts of physical and emotional stretching to be able to pull through an exhilarating dance performance.

Now picture this: a man and woman who trust each other completely. They are each other's best friend. They laugh together and play like kids. They stay closer to each other during the storms and seek the best interest of each other. Does this sound like the kind of marriage you would want to have?


Accra Beans-Akara-Black Eyed Peas Fritters

Yesterday, my oven just wasn't co-operating with me. First, I made a phenomenal milky cake mixture and popped into it. It didn't bake at all. All it did was burn the cake quickly within the first few minutes. I was livid.

Then thinking perhaps the oven was too hot, I set it to the lowest heat and once again popped in some black eyed peas batter to make koki beans. Once again, the wicked oven turned it into a burnt offering. I was enraged.

I wished I had put my black eyed peas batter to better use by making Accra Beans. The Accra wins every time, people. I have made a video to show you how to make this Cameroonian street food delight right in the comfort of your own kitchen. It is unbelievably easy to make!


I woke up yesterday morning and got into the music. When I am in the music, I get lost in it. I can wash a single plate 74 times while singing and shaking my head and doing all sorts of things with my body. They call it dancing. 

When I am in that mood, I don't want to hear anyone talk to me. My kids will call me over and over as though they were "sent". I quickly dismiss them so I can keep nodding, screaming and moving my body. When I am in that mood, I might not even answer my phone when it rings. Sometimes, I don't even know the complete lyrics but my mouth keeps uttering gibberish along.


Liver Sauce Recipe -Nigeria-Cameroon

I have had people inbox me a couple of times asking how to cook beef liver to taste really good. Today is the day I share with you the fool-proof simple recipe I have shared with them. It works every. single. time.

If you ever for a second thought liver was a boring negligible part of the cow, I am inviting you to think again. This part of the "moo-body" is delicious and more nutrient-filled than you can imagine.


Hello, friends! I wanted to share with you what behind the scenes of my YouTube Cooking show, Precious Kitchen looks like. It all begins with the idea for the next video recipe. Sometimes I get this idea from a viewer or I decide on what I would want to shoot. Or I bomb into my brother-in-law trying to cook and I decide to take over from him and film it.



Mr N just returned home with bags of Njama Njama from the farmers market. Then we started chatting about how it is easy to spot a Cameroonian at the farmer's market based on how their eyes scan the plan in search of our beloved  Njama Njama, which is known in English as garden huckleberry. You can almost ascertain a person's "Cameroonianess" when you see how the person hunts for these green leaves as though they have the power of life and death.

After the chat, I started thinking of the various things that make Cameronians, Cameroonian. They range from food to language, to childhood memories and experiences. You know you are Cameroonian when...


yogurt parfait

Thank you so much, Annie's Homegrown for making my very first sponsored recipe post happen!

You see friends, when I moved here almost three years ago...wait... what? Almost three years? The time has gone by so fast! When we moved here, one of the things I noticed was the absence of the kind of yogurt I'd been accustomed to back home in Cameroon. The ones in Cameroon were slightly tangy, creamy and natural while the ones I was introduced to here was a tad rubbery and so unnatural.


This is part three of my blogging series. Read part one on blog design, here and part two on killer content, here

The first time I had over a thousand people visit my blog in a day, I was giddy. Before then, I would have a few hundred visitors visit my blog each month. On some months, I didn't have up to a hundred visitors! In that season, I wasn't consistent with running my blog so understandably, there were hardly any visitors. Looking at my pageview chart, I see that I have had a gradual growth especially since January this year when I started blogging consistently. I wish I'd been consistent from day one but that didn't work at the time.

Recently, I had over thirty thousand people visit my blog in a day! All because of this post.

So dear blogging friends, I would like to share some the things I've learnt with you. I haven't figured out everything yet but these are are ways that have worked for me.


mango coconut sorbet

When the month began I told you guys I was going to show you how to do some healthy cold treats. Let me just say it: healthy cold treats are simply the best. There's nothing like licking some cold sweet goodness guilt-free. Can I get an amen?

Mr. N came home the other day with ten huge succulent mangoes. Let's just say I fell in love with him again because to me, romance is your man coming home with things that can fit into your mouth. Hope I'm not alone in this? He has been coming back home with things like corn and groundnuts and I find that really hot.