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Love n Marriage

How Not to Resolve Marital Conflict

Photo credit: Eposi jumps up and rushes to her littered kitchen which is still suffering the effects of cooking without cleaning. She finds the closest thing she can get to which is a rolling pin she just used in rolling fresh pasta.She throws it frantically at George. He tries […]

Precious Kitchen

Different Shapes of Chin Chin

Who created Chin Chin? Seriously who did? I need to find them and award them for generating an all-time favourite snack. I have seen Chin Chin done in two shapes as seen in the pictures above. This snack is so easy to love. You literally have to stop yourself from […]

Love n Marriage

Go beyond the missionary

WARNING: This post is for married couples only so if you are not married please end here. Thank you! It is disheartening to think that a lot of Christians fail woefully when it comes to sexual intimacy. Come to think of it: We serve the God that created us and […]


How I Will Make 2015 Memorable

photo credit: Hello folks, I am so excited about the second half of this year. It actually feels like a new year to me. That is because it is a whole new season so I’m treating it like a new year and I intend to make major changes in […]

Precious Kitchen

Cameroonian Gateau Recipe

Gateau This is crazy! I was making something else and I else and I ended up with Cameroonian Gateau. Well, they say some of the best recipes are results of accidents and that is what happened here. So after watching a pressure test on the TV show, “Master Chef” in […]

Precious Kitchen

Oven Grilled Fish

Grilled tilapia and bobolo Yay! It’s another blogging day for me. While busy with other things I was missing my computer. I couldn’t wait to come here to connect with YOU. When I was heavily pregnant with my last baby, I did bulk buying so we’ll have enough food at […]