Month: May 2015

Precious Kitchen

Oven Grilled Fish

Grilled tilapia and bobolo Yay! It’s another blogging day for me. While busy with other things I was missing my computer. I couldn’t wait to come here to connect with YOU. When I was heavily pregnant with my last baby, I did bulk buying so we’ll have enough food at […]

Precious Kitchen

Baked Scotch Eggs!

Cameroon style scotch egg I’m not a fan of boiled eggs but when it comes to eggs rolled in dough and served with ‘sweet’ pepper sauce then I’m a huge fan! There’s just something about scotch eggs. They put the ‘e’ in the eggs. Lol So recently I had a […]

Love n Marriage

Dear Husband…

-Not every kissing and caressing must lead to sex. Sometimes I just want you to love my body and show some affection. -Never expect me to think like you. You are a logical being, I am an emotional being. -The fact that God’s word asks me to submit to you […]

Precious Diary

Why I Will Not Forget Yesterday

Hello my lovely readers, how are you doing? Thank you for taking time out to read through my blog everyday. I truly appreciate your support. Hold out your hands let me give you a warm hug… that’s how grateful I am. How has your week been? Mine has been kinda […]

Precious Kitchen

Coconut Rice: Fried Version

Coconut fried rice Hi dearies, hope the month of May is a merry one for you. For me, it has been merry and full of munches and that means more recipes for you. Today, I’ll put you through coconut fried rice, served with delicious chicken soya. I had earlier posted […]

Precious Kitchen

Chicken Soya Recipe

Chicken soya Who doesn’t like soya? Show me a person who detests soya and I will show you someone with dead taste buds. Lol To me, soya is the ‘bestest’ method of cooking meat. The taste is out of this world. I love it but I also love to eat […]


What Do You Bring?

“God is going to do a miracle for you that you can not explain!” “You will have sweatless progress!” “Your husband will soon locate you!” (Duh! How about, you will soon find your wives?) “By this time next year, you will carry your own baby!” “You will receive a phone […]