Christmas is in 5 days! Years ago, this is that season when I get new clothes aka “krismos close”. And if I’m lucky, I get some new shoes too. AND it is that time when I cook and eat a lot. I love Christmas menus! I remember the flavour of well-spiced chicken oozing out of my mother’s pot. Ahh! And earth-shattering jollof rice! Cakes! All sorts of foodie goodies! Christmas has always been a time when many try to cook their best meals.

However, thinking and planning about what to cook is not quite the easiest thing in the world. That’s where I come in! I have put together a list of ideas to help you cook the most delicious meals, avoid slaving in the kitchen on Christmas day (very important) and basically just how to make the best out of that day.

My menu plan includes a suggestion of breakfast ideas. Because, Christmas breakfast in my opinion, has to be special. My list also includes mouth-watering appetisers and main dishes. It includes ideas for salads and of course, desserts! All you need to do is click on the ones that appeal to you so you can see the full recipes and print them out if you like. As the age-old adage says, failing to plan is planning to fail. I’ll urge you not to leave anything to chance. Make a solid plan. It could change but know exactly what you will want to cook for your own sanity.

Some things you should do before Christmas day

Three days before, make all marinades. I like making my spice blends which I will use for my meat, fish, chicken or complete meals well ahead of time, about three days before which means you should go make some now. My typical spice blend will include garlic, ginger, celery, parsley, basil and onions. Other things I could throw in include, rosemary, thyme, green onions, white pepper and leeks. It really depends on what I have at home and what I will be cooking.  You could store your marinade in a fridge or if that’s not possible for you, pour vegetable oil on top and store in an airtight container, the day before instead of three days before.

Four days before, make all snacks and cookies. In typical Cameroonian tradition Chin Chin, (a crunchy snack that tastes like cake) is usually made days before Christmas.

The day before, marinade all the meat and fish you will use, cover them and store in a fridge. This makes them extra tasty because they get a chance to soak in and absorb all those flavours!

The day before, make every pastry dough for snacks such as meat or fish pie and store in the fridge. I love making the pies fresh on the day they are eaten so making the dough before really makes things go faster. However, if you do not care for freshly made pies, make them the day before. That’s if you’ll be making any savoury pies (which I think you should!)

The day before, thaw any frozen meat or fish you want to use. If you are using anything big like a massive turkey, you will need to start thawing it at least three days before.

Christmas menu

Now let’s look at a wide range of dishes you could make for Christmas. Remember, all you have to do is click on the ones that appeal to you most and tadaaa you will find the recipes.

Special Christmas Breakfast

Make-Ahead Snacks

Christmas Appetisers

Main Dishes




What I will make

I have included my own menu for you so you can have an idea about how to build yours. I plan on waking up very early on the day to finish with cooking so I can spend lots of quality time with my family. I do not want to be caught up with so much cooking that I miss the essence of Christmas. It’s all about Jesus! I urge you to keep it simple. Do not overwork yourself. If you have company coming over, start doing the work now. Also, avoid choosing meals that will take a long time to accomplish.

I hope this list makes the whole Christmas cooking thing easier for you. If you have any questions, ask below and I will gladly answer.

Merry Christmas!pre-signature-pro


  1. Thankyou Precious for the amazing dish choices,tips,tricks and advice.merry christmas in advance to you and your amazing family.much love!!!

  2. Thanks for the menu ideas Precious and hints and time saving.Will try to apply some but for some of us who work the graveyard shift, it’s gonna be tough.Merry Christmas to you and yours

  3. Precious!!!! Precious!!! You just saved me from a christmas mishap. I’d been at a loss at what to cook on xmas day. I’m off to the market with the ingredients list. As we Paysans say: “Mary Christmas..Happy happy”. Hahahahaha. Thanks a lot

  4. Great! I like to try out new recipes, definitely going to try yours,

  5. Thanks so much for this Presh, I already bookmarked coconut fried rice and would make coleslaw as well.

  6. Hi Precious, I love your strength and passion.Your African delicacies are so yummy.I love cooking and being a Cameroonian we love to eat back home food and I want to learn something new from you.With Baking am not really good at, but I want to take a challenge and bake yogurt cake and make coconut rice which I’ve never done this season cos I learn everyday.Merry Christmas,Permit to call you Preshy cos that’s the name of my best friend.I Will follow your recipes and give you feedback.Stay blessed,Regards Marie.

  7. Yummy ? dishes Precious, that one on fruit salad, nice idea. I wouldn’t only settle for coleslaw on salad tins. And perhaps I’ll do coconut fried rice too for a change. Pls check your Maaaaail. Thanktchu

  8. claudine efenge

    Hey Pre,
    Thanks for the tip.
    I’m keeping it simple this year. Work has been crazy and i’m exhausted. My friend had to make chin chin for her home and mind to save me from my kids thinking their mama is not ….
    my menu:
    cole slaw
    main dishes
    fried rice
    grilled chicken/dodo/tomatoes sauce with lots of veggies
    coconut cake
    fruit salad
    Et voila. Man wey no want chop leave am
    Happy happy oh Pre

    • Lol at man wey no chop!
      How dem no go chop all dat fine chop so??
      I am sooo “langaring” over the coconut cake.
      Everything on your menu is on point.
      Thank God for your friend!

  9. Thank you Precious Core, your Christmas menu ideas have been so helpful to me.

  10. Love that menu! Looks so good. Planning the cooking before a party is so wise. I recently had a small party and doing the prep a few days before saved me from the ‘feeling of impending doom’ I’ll have had if I had not done the work. I still need to make coconut fried rice though

  11. Nicolineteba

    Wow precious so easy steps to a wonderful cuisine in Cmr I like everyone of them.thanks so much merry Xmas

  12. claudine efenge

    Hihihihi Pre,
    I’ve decided to add Eru to the menu. My girls have begged and begged that cha mama…this is not just Sunday but Christmas. I go do how. Off to Muea market to shop.

  13. I’m making zobo only.. My family loves that drink. But I’m looking for a way to tweak it and make the drink exciting this time around


  14. Nkube nyambi

    Thanks very much my dear. Merry Christmas. God bless you for these wonderful recipes. I pray our young girls of today visit your page more often to learn

  15. This is quite helpful. Thank you. 

  16. U are wonderful dear and may God continue to blessed those lovely hands of urs

  17. Thanks a lot for this, really helpful indeed. First time I am commenting on any blog and I read/ watch so many of them. I stumbled on your blog today, checked you out and subscribed. My first too, never thought I would but something drew me to you on my first read, your love for Christ and family. I surprised myself a lot today but going through your posts, something tells me this would be worth it. Keep doing what you do, you surely are a blessing.

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  19. Thanks for the menu, it will help alot.

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